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Shipping Tips That You Can Easily Carry Out to Gain Easy Advantages

If you are business owner that deals with merchandise shipping on a daily basis, then you will be well versed with the fact that it can be the most complicated task ever for small businesses. If your shipping practices aren’t backed up by reasonable planning, the operations can cost twice as more as they would’ve with carefully planned and well-thought strategies. Plus, there is always the risk of losing clients and sales if your delivery lacks quality or is too expensive. For small time business that aren’t involved with shipping on a day-to-day basis but can’t hire logistics providers to help them out in managing the shipping services, the below mentioned shipping tips can be of considerable help:

Packaging Options

The Box

Always opt for a box which has enough room to carry the item(s) along with the cushioning material. Reusing old boxes is also a good idea. But before sending those for delivery, always make sure you have old markings and labels neatly covered up. It is better to mention about your brand name or logo on the package to increase your brand awareness and loyalty. See on the top image how one of our customers CAROTTO did it successfully.


Properly seal your boxes up with tape while making sure the seams are reinforced with tape as wide as 2”. It is recommended that you use brown or clear packaging tape, paper tape, or reinforced packing tape. Refrain from using string, twine, or cord because it is likely to get caught in the equipment during mail processing.


Cushion the items in the boxes with cushioning material. Once you’ve placed them properly, close the box up and give it a good shake to check whether or not the padding is doing its job. If you hear the items moving around, you can add more foam or plastic cushioning.

Minimizing Costs

Unnecessary Air Delivery

You should only use air delivery when it is really required. Items that don’t necessarily need to be delivered on time in order to meet deadlines should be shipped via truck or ground freight. Cutting down on those expensive air delivery charges will help you lower the costs of shipping and avoid any additional costs which are likely to go to waste for no reason.

Group Discounts

If the shipping company’s charges are too much for you, you can always consider joining any trade organization that provides delivery discounts. You will find several trade associations which have partnered up with shipping companies to provide shipping discount offers. Of course, you will have to afford their membership fees first.


Outsourcing can be a great way to cut down on your overhead expenses. This type of fulfillment is quite convenient and offers several advantages which you are likely to enjoy in the long-term. All you need to do is make sure you find the most suitable match between the fulfillment provider’s methods, materials, and systems and your requirements for order processing. In simpler terms, the following shipping practices will enable you to lower your fees considerably, while making sure your customers remain happy with your services.


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