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Selling Mobile Phones and Mobile Phone Accessories Online

Mobile phones are excite worldwide interest. Taking an interest in mobile phones is increasing day by day. According to the researches, the smartphone sales grew 36% in Q4 of 2013. And it’s estimated that this growth would continue in the next years.

In 2013, 1.8 billion units of mobile phones and 968 million smartphone devices sold. As you can see, these rates make ecommerce market interesting more and more. Learning, how to sell mobile phones and mobile phone accessories online could be a winning business proposition. Getting a piece of this business would make you a successful e-merchant. The user friendly ecommerce solutions of Shopio, makes this easier than it ever has been before. Here we have prepared a guide that would be useful for you selling mobile phones and mobile phone accessories online.

Follow bestselling products

Because it doesn’t have a high profit margin, it makes fast moving products much more valuable. So it would be useful to follow most demanded and fast moving models. There are tons of websites about technology and gadgets. The editors of these websites write news and reviews of the trending mobile phones so you can be aware of the popular products of the mobile phone market. Also you can follow forums about mobile phones and accessories. The members of these forums will help you to understand what the users like and what they don’t. By the way don’t ignore that there are various brand and models except iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S series.

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On the other hand, the mobile phone accessories are another big market. Most of the users buy accessories with their new mobile phones. Some of them are interested in these products to protect their devices, and some are just to make them more customized for their likes and demands. As an ecommerce manager, first you need to follow the most selling mobile phones. Then you should choose which types of accessories (cases, chargers, screen protectors etc.) the visitors would like to buy. Last, if you can sell them with a good price, you will be a good mobile accessory seller in online business.

There is also another type of sellers: The designers! You can design your own mobile phone accessories too. After designing your own products, you should find a good manufacturer. By this way, you will be a well-known brand…

Find the right supplier

Usually parallel import products are accepted as risky products for mobile phones. If you would prefer these products for being cheap, be sure that your supplier would always be with you. And you can state this situation to your customers and you can make a provision against the probable problems. In some countries there can be 100-500 usd difference between parallel import mobile phones and the imported mobile phones by the official distributors. That’s why, most of the time the customers choose parallel import system. If you can give a good after sales service and support to your customers, you will be known as a trusted merchant. In time, you will see that your sales are increasing rapidly.

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For the products you designed, probably you don’t have the tools to create them. Instead, you will have to take your designs to a manufacturer. You should be sure that the manufacturer you found will create your products inexpensively. Then, find the right margin and price for your products. With the right advertising, in a short time you will have lots of consumers and with the increase of the sales; you will make a good profit with your own designs.

Present unusual accessories

Mobile phone accessories sale is another important area for ecommerce besides mobile phones. It’s necessary to prefer fast moving products. Taking into account that these kinds of most demanded products may not have a high profit margin and you can present unusual and profitable products to your customers. You can never be sure what kind of accessories your customers will like. But you can offer them unique products!

Mobile phone accessories

Portable chargers, charging cases, protecting cases and shiny, colorful cases are the most demanding accessories in the mobile market. If you would like to develop your own accessories, you can focus on these areas…

Help them deciding

It’s not easy to decide purchasing mobile phone for some of the users. Most of the time they know which kind of a product they want but they have difficulty in deciding which mobile phone would meet their needs. If you help them choosing the right mobile on your site or on your blog, it will be easier for them to make the right purchase.


For this, you should be familiar with the mobile technology terms. You should follow the gadget sites and the official web sites or social media accounts of the manufacturers. By reading the reviews of the most popular tech-sites, you can learn the cons and pros of the products. So in time, you will be familiar with the most wanted products in the market and you will be able to help your customers to decide which product is best for them.

Prepare comparison pages and analysis

One of the methods to make it easier for the customers to decide which mobile phone to buy is comparison pages. Especially publishing comparisons for the similar products will make it easier for your customers to decide and will also increase your organic traffic.


Also writing the details of the mobile devices (display, camera, operating system, memory etc.) on your blog would affect your sales in a positive way. You can also share some comments of the technology sites about the products. By this way, you can advise your customer of the features of the mobile phone they intend to buy.

Don’t ignore price comparison pages

The first station is price comparison pages for the consumers who think to purchase mobile phones. When they analyze the options they think to purchase on these sites, it may be good to display your site among them. In your blog, you can publish some price comparison pages of the most popular products in the mobile phone market.


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