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Reveal Your Secrets! Add Pages to Your Online Store

Selling something to someone can be very difficult sometimes. Mostly they not only show their interest on your goods, but also want to know from whom they are buying that product and under which terms they will finish their purchases. Keep calm and reveal your secrets! If you want to take what you want, you must meet the customers’ requests. Create your own reliability with the help of these pages which are advised below.

Return Policy

Customers want to be sure about they will face an effortless return period in the future while they are purchasing. So you have to keep customer service in mind while creating your return policy. On the other hand, many retailers have to be deal with return frauds in every year. That’s why you have to be fair and firm at the same time while you are creating your return policy. State it clearly why and how customers can return their purchases. Make them trust you and don’t let them fraud you.

Store Policy

After releasing your online store you will face special situations beside your normal daily routines. If you try to anticipate  potential problems and form them before opening your store, you can build a “how to deal strategy” for each of them which helps you not to make mistakes once you face with.

About Us Page

About us page is one of the most visited pages in any website. It is also the first place that potential customers visit before they start to make decisions about your website. Because of that you have to prepare an “About Us” page and the content on this page must tell a compelling story.

Contact Us Page

When customers have questions or problems about something on your online store they want to get help in an immediate and easy way. Contact us page will totally help you with this situation.

Social Pages

If you create social media tools (such as Facebook, twitter, etc.) and give links about them on your website (such as Like This, Tweet This) customers will have the chance to share and provide the product that they loved with their friends. Also you can create a Fan Page of your store (which is for free) and ask customers to become a fan of your store. With the help of this, you will have the ability to reach more people. Adding your phone number somewhere on your homepage – this is obviously not a page –  will also be very helpful for your potential customers. Just for an advice, most of the websites prefer putting their phone numbers in the upper right corner of their websites. Remember that, people must find the answer of the question “why should I trust this website?” on your website easily. The time you spent for establishing this answer will be turn to you back as increasing sales, trust me!


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