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Product Page Mistakes That May Cause You to Lose Online Sales

One of the most important part is product page for an ecommerce site. Most of the customers reach to the related product page by the conclusion of the ads, links and searches. This is the page that makes them decide whether they would purchase or not. But for an ecommerce site in which there are too many products, it may not be possible to show the same attention to each of the pages because it requires too much effort and time. But some mistakes made by ecommerce site owners who are not aware of the importance of this page, may cause to lose sale. We collected some of the most common mistakes on product pages that cause you to miss sales opportunities.

Poor product images

One of the most important tool is product images that you can use to sell on your online store in which the customers cannot touch physically. You can increase the possibility of sales, adding various and good qualified product images. To have much more detailed help about product images, you can read our older post about eCommerce product photography tips.

Not showing stock quantity

When the customer is on the product page, if you indicate that the product is in stock, you can help the customer to decide. It will psychologically motivate the customer, knowing that he will not wait for the supply of the product. This would be useful for you to finish the stocks.

Not giving place to usage information and order details

The customer may like a product but may not be convinced how to use or whether it’s easy to use or not. You can remove the questions in the customers’ mind showing the ease of use on the product page.

Not having user comments

Customers would like to know the opinions of other users who purchased that product before. If you don’t enable the customers to comment about the products or if you don’t encourage them, you may cause the potential customers to leave the shop.

Not proposing related products

If everything is as it should be, the customer probably decide easily to purchase. But the more is possible. You may be missing the potential customers if you don’t show related products on the same page. Shopio eCommerce Website Builder is designed considering the customer content. To have an eCommerce Store with perfect features like unlimited product images, related products field, stock amount tracking and more, you can sign up for 14 days free trial and start earning in minutes.


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