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Out of Blog Ideas? Why Not Write about Your Customers?

As an online store owner, you are most definitely aware of the necessity of a blog for your site, but you have to admit, blogging can get a bit challenging at times, especially the part where you have to come up with the next topic that will engage and provide value to your customers and readers. You could have been blogging for some time now, and you think and feel that your brain can’t crank out anymore ideas for your online store’s blog. Many online store owners experience this, too, and often times, they result to writing reviews for their products. This is not such a bad idea, but you can’t write product reviews all the time. You need something much more engaging than a bullet point list of the benefits of your product or service, and writing a featured article about your “Customer of the Month” may just be what you need.

Benefits of Writing a “Customer of the Month” Blog

Featuring a “Customer of the Month” in your online store’s blog can bring various benefits to your online business.

Add Variety to Your Blog

Writing a “Customer of the Month” post is a great way to add variety to a blog which is otherwise inundated with product reviews and sales copies. Peppering your blog with the same kind of promotional content can do more harm than good to your business – for one, it can make your blog look boring and stale, and that is not something you want existing and potential customers to associate with your blog.

Improve Customer Perception of Your Business

All businesses want to look good in the eyes of customers, and writing a “Customer of the Month” post can help with that. When you write about your customer, you send out a message that you are a business who knows how to value its customers. You show that you are acknowledging their presence, and are putting in an extra effort to reward their contributions to your business’ success. Acknowledging your customers will help you in building a loyal customer base.

Building Relationship

A “Customer of the Month”” post shows your customers that you are not just interested in selling them your products and services. Instead, it shows that you are committed to building a relationship with them – a long-lasting relationship which is beneficial for both of you, with you providing them solutions to their wants and needs, and them providing you with a living. Through such a relationship, customers will stop seeing you as “just another online store” and start seeing you as a dependable source of solutions.

Attract New Customers

Writing about your customers can also help you in attracting new and potential customers. For one, it shows that you are a legitimate business with real customers. In addition, your “Customer of the Month’s” testimonials help to validate the good points of your products or services. Lastly, success stories of your “Customer of the Month” can help to inspire new customers to give your business a try in hopes of reaching the same success as your featured customer.

Increase Traffic and Shareability

Your customers who get featured as the “Customer of the Month” will be so happy that they will be sure to share the post with their family, friends, colleagues and everyone else whom they know through social media. Of course, these people will most likely share the post with their connections, too, and thus drive more traffic and potential customers to your online store.

How to Choose a “Customer of the Month”

If you have a lot of customers, it can be quite difficult to choose who among them should be your “Customer of the Month.” However, having a set of criteria can help make this task easier.

It’s not about the Money…

But never make the mistake of choosing a “Customer of the Month” based on their purchases alone. You can’t write an engaging blog post about “Customer A bought over a thousand dollars worth of products from us!” You can make it a part of the blog, but it shouldn’t be the theme.

… But rather the Story

Instead, focus on stories that inspire other customers. If you are a B2B business, you can write about a customer who has achieved success with the help of your business. If you are a B2C business, you can write about a customer who saw a big change in their life after using your product or service. The possibilities are endless. Keep in mind that the most read and shared stories are those that inspire and make an impact, and using this as your theme will surely help increase your readership and customer base like magic.

Turn it into a Contest

The easiest way to find your “Customer of the Month” is by turning it into a contest. You can ask your customers to email you their stories, or you can ask them to write it in their blogs or website. You can even ask them to post about it in their social media accounts and share the link with you. To ensure the success of the contest, you will need to offer them a prize, which can be any of the following:
  • A featured article about the winner in your online store’s blog
  • Gift certificates
  • Online discount coupons
  • A free item from your store

Tying Up

Blog posts are very important for ecommerce businesses, and although it is usually about our product reviews, you will do well by adding variety to out blog posts by including a featured article about your “Customer of the Month.” With all the many benefits that such a post can bring to your business, it would be unwise not to utilize it. So the next time you run out of blog ideas, why not give this one a try? Surely, there will always be one customer who’s more than happy with your product or service, and that in itself is one great story worth telling.


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