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Most Important Things You Need to Know About Building a Customer Loyalty

Every business corporation dreams of having loyal customers. The basic reason of that it is 4 or 5 times cheaper to make the customer return for the second purchase after he makes the first shopping than to make a new customer to buy. So that would be both right and profitable to gain new customers and on the other hand to make the current customers order again. What would be the methods to make the customers return again for a new purchase or in other words the methods to create customer loyalty? We share the important tips to have loyal customers.

Flatter your loyal customers:

The most loyal customers deserve your interest. To make this customers purchase again you can pamper them with small gifts like discounts in some periods, vouchers or free shipping.

Fast returns:

Do not forget that the customers may not be patient when the issue is ecommerce. Send satisfying replies to the e-mails within 24 or 48 hours. If you will not be able to reply fast, explain that you will analyze the issue.

Learn how to bend the rules:

It’s important to create rules and policies to complete your operations without any problem. But do not forget these rules may be bended occasionally. Normally your return policy let you get the product back within 30 days but if you accept your customer’s return request on 32. day, you will not live a big problem but customer loyalty will be increased.

Repair the mistakes:

We have a bad new for you. You will face with problems even if you like or not, and the customers will be reflected either this or that way. Moreover a major part of the customers will be annoyed of these mistakes. Of course you should try to minimize mistakes, if you build a habit of repairing mistakes more than enough; your ecommerce site will be indispensable for your customers.

Indicate your thanks:

Some words are much more effective than they looks. Indicating your thanks to the customers not only after the orders but also after the complaints would be a little but effective attitude. Build personal relations: even if the customers are made up of only customer numbers, knowing them, their names and addressing them with their names will be thought that you care about them and you respect them. If you don’t sell a special product which is not found anywhere, it means that the only ecommerc e site is not yours to buy the products you sell. In this case in order to make the customer prefer you to purchase again, you need to focus on your services not the products. We hope these tips will be useful for you to have more loyal customers.


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