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Mobile Commerce is Growing: Is Your Online Store Ready for Mobile?

We reached a tipping point a few years ago in 2011, the year a greater number of Americans went online using their handheld devices as opposed to laptops and PCs. Last year saw a record breaking number of people shop for their Christmas gifts online rather than in-store. And now odds are that almost everyone in ownership of a mobile device, has used it to make a recent online purchase. Times are changing and it’s evident that mobile commerce is evolving with the times!

Your Store Can Sell More If It’s Primed for Mobile Commerce!

As online shoppers flock to their smartphones and tablets to carryout online transactions, it becomes increasingly important for businesses to create an online persona that is relatable, promises safety, and provides amazing customer service, just like they do in-store. Now is a great time to start making your online stores mobile-ready. If your store isn’t optimized to perform well on mobile devices, then its time you started looking for help. This is because having a mobile-friendly online store that your shoppers will find a way to get to you. An online store is a necessity for businesses these days. Shopio merchants are making the most of our state-of-the-art mobile commerce capabilities, giving customers the convenience of shopping anytime, anywhere using a completely mobile-optimized shopping experience. Shopio Responsive Themes ensure smooth, seamless, incident-free shopping for browsing to checkout. Following are some of the characteristics of the perfect mobile-ready online store:

1. It’s Optimized for Small Screens

A responsive store theme ensures that your customers can easily view and navigate through your stores, whether they are viewing it on a phone or tablet. No matter what the size of their screen, Shopio mobile-ready themes ensure that your customers can view store categories and products without having to resize or enlarge the view every time.

2. It’s iOS & Android Compatible

These are two of the most popular mobile phone platforms that work across a variety of devices. It is important that your online store displays equally well on both of them.

3. Provides a Simple, Pleasant Shopping Experience

The best mobile-ready stores offers a straightforward sign-up and login area. They accept payments in all major credit cards as well as PayPal, and ship all over the world to ensure the complete satisfaction of their customers.

Does Your Store provide an intuitive, tailor-made mobile shopping and checkout experience?

Mobile commerce transactions will account for more than 25% of all ecommerce sales in the next 3 years. This is where the future of e-commerce lies and it is important that businesses all over the country brace themselves for the increasingly fast, flexible and powerful mobile devices that will be used to access online stores. The numbers pretty much speak for themselves, as consumers spend more time browsing with their Smartphones. If you think that your store won’t benefit from mobile purchases and that your products aren’t the “type” that should be bought on a smartphone or tablet, then you might just be right! Because it’s not that they won’t, it’s just that they can’t… so they’ll move right on along to the next online store that caters to their needs like a pro!


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