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Love at First Sight Exists! Create an Attractive Online Store

In our everyday life, we judge many things with their appearance. We form our opinions according to the first impressions we get from things, foods, places even people we just met. Most of the people judge movies with their trailers and mostly I judge books by their covers. I know it’s not the right way but I cannot stop myself from doing it. This point is also valid for your online store. The more appealing and attractive your online store looks, the more likely visitors are to be delighted and make purchases. Visitors who love your style will share your store with others and come back again and again.

Reveal your style

First consider what you want to tell about your brand. Try to find out a few words that describe your store’s story. Then with the help of these words try to decide colors, fonts and photo styling to support the main message.

Design a store logo

The best way to give your online store a personality is to create an awesome logo. Be sure that it gives your message and appeals your target audience. Your store logo will be the main graphic that will appear everywhere in and out of your store. So it should be able to represent your store message on its own.

Use suitable banners

Basically banners of your store are like the signs in the front yard of the door of a physical store in real life. Just with a fancy graphic that gets people’s attention you can make them find your store interesting. Show up the features that make your store unique and favorable on your banners. Be colourful and avoid white backgrounds which can cause to get lost visually. For the greatest visual impact be sure your banner is designed to fill the specified dimensions of your store.

Improve your product photos

Photography style can help your store’s appearance. Backgrounds and styling for your product photos don’t need to be the same in every image, but they should feel cohesive in telling your visual story. It may be a good idea to show multiple perspectives of the product if it has fine details that can’t be captured in one product shot. If you’re using the variations in your item listing, make sure to represent these through product photos. Whether with be multiple photos of the same product in different colors or a single image capturing different styles, product shots may be great tools for communicating variation options. If you want to add more than one image to your product just make sure that the first image communicates the strongest message. Check out also our older post How to Improve Product Photos for Your Online Store to learn deeper about improving your product photos.

Don’t forget the About Page

Your store’s About Page is another great place to communicate your brand story through images. Use photos of real people to represent members of your store. Show photos of you and your store members making products, working together, show images of your workplace whatever you think the best communicates to your store’s story. We hope this post helps you for your store improvement journey! Make sure to go slowly while reworking your store design, logo, product photos. This helps you to examine what works and what doesn’t. Let us know about your progress and any questions that you have from the Support page by sending a ticket or an e-mail. We will be happy to hear your success stories.


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