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Is Your Online Store Traffic Dropping? Here’s What You Can Do!

One of the biggest concerns (and fears) of many online store owners is seeing a drop in their online store traffic – of course, no traffic simply means no customers, and that in itself can cause the demise of your online business career. These unfortunate events can be caused by a variety of factors, including recent algorithm changes implemented by search engines or unsuccessful online marketing strategies. Although you should be alarmed, you don’t have to go the extremes of firing your SEO and marketing staff because there are certain things that you can apply to remedy your dropping online store traffic.

Check Your Webmaster Tools

As mentioned, many of traffic drops can be associated with changes in search engine algorithms, and for all you know, you may have well been a victim of such changes. Thus, you’ll want to go to Google Webmaster Tools and check for any notification that you may have received from Google. These notifications can be about anything, from hidden texts and unnatural links like the one below:
google penalty

If you’ve received a notification from Google like this, then your website and its traffic is in real trouble.

  If you did receive a notification like this, you should start following their recommendations and combing your site for any issues (in this case “unnatural links”) and start fixing them. After you’ve done fixing them, send Google a reconsideration request to have the penalty removed and your website back on index and listings. Here is a link about how to make a reconsideration request in Google. After getting back on the index and listings, you should see some improvement in your online store traffic. If not, there may be other issues affecting your website traffic which is not related to your SEO strategies.

Go Social

If you’re looking for some quick fix that will improve your dropping online store traffic, then you may want to turn to social media for some help. Going social is one of the most effective ways of driving traffic to your online store. Just be sure that you’ve set your social media account right, complete with links back to your online store. So how do you get people to click on your links and go to your website? There are commonly two ways to do this. One is by running a contest on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media platforms. Another is by simply engaging with social media users. Look for questions related to your product or niche, and be helpful by answering them. You don’t have to answer all the questions in the post. Instead, give them an overview of the answer and a link back to your website blog for a more detailed discussion. This may not immediately increase your sales, but it sure will increase your online store website traffic.

Consider Online Advertising

Advertising has always been one of the best methods for customer acquisition. It has proven effective in TV, radio, and print media, and in these modern times, online. Online advertising can take various forms, from pay-per-click advertising to social media advertising. There are issues and debates as to which of these are more effective, but if you have and are willing to spend enough money for effective online advertising, you may take both avenues in order to further improve your ads and online store’s reach. You can visit our previous posts about pay-per-click advertising and types of Facebook ads that you can use for your online advertising campaign.

Pay Attention to Your Blog

Your blog is one of your biggest attractions in your online store, so be sure that it is properly optimized and contains valuable content that online shoppers will find useful and share with others. When it comes to optimizing a blog for SEO and searchability, one of the most important aspects to consider is using the right keywords in the most appropriate manner. Thus, before you write your blog post, you may want to conduct some keyword research first and selecting those which have high search volumes and integrating them into your post. Be sure to use keywords in moderation though, since keyword stuffing is a ground for having your website banned by search engines. In addition, don’t forget to share this to other people in your social media accounts. Don’t depend solely on organic traffic brought by your keywords. If your online store’s traffic is dropping, passively waiting for customers to come is not an option – you need to take action now.

Build a Mobile Version of Your Online Store

If you still don’t have a mobile version of your online store, then this is the time to start making one. Many online shoppers nowadays use their smartphones and tablets when online shopping. If they see that your online store is not mobile-friendly like unreadable fonts or difficulty in navigation or even slow loading times, you can be sure that they will start searching for another online store. True, they may have added to your traffic the first time they went there, but what about the next time? As more and more online shoppers see that you haven’t integrated a mobile version, the more your future website traffic will drop – perhaps even more than it is now (after all, you won’t be reading this if your website traffic is jampacked and congested).

Bringing Your Traffic Volume Up

As compared to roads, online stores and websites are places where heavy traffic is much appreciated. However, just like in the real world, traffic wanes down after rush hour, and in the virtual world, it wanes down after the few road bumps like algorithm changes and marketing failures. These tips and advice here are just some of the few means of getting your customers back and improving your online presence in order to drive more traffic to your online store. If you have other ideas, feel free to share them in the comments section below.


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