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Improving Customer Retention and Satisfaction with an After Sales Service

Many online store owners often think hard and focus their marketing strategies on acquiring new customers – or what is commonly termed as “pre-sale” efforts. Although this is a great idea, you also have to pay attention to your “after-sale” endeavours. After sales service is crucial in maintaining the relationship established between you and the online shopper in during the sales transaction. With an exemplary after sales service, you can show online shoppers that you appreciate their contribution to your online store’s success and ensure repeat business which contributes to a huge part of your profits. An after sales service can be conducted in a myriad of ways, and most of them are and easy to implement.

Quick Confirmation Email

All online shoppers expect to receive a confirmation email after they made a purchase. Without it, doubt starts to creep into their minds, and the trust factor of your online store and its services becomes negatively affected. Thus, you have to make sure that your mailing platform is always optimised for such purposes. Most online store building platforms include sending confirmation emails as an integrated part of their services. It automatically generates the email, along with the different details of the transaction including the price paid, payment method, and more importantly the shipping date. Don’t forget to include options on how they can get in contact with you like your phone numbers and links to your support or help centre.

Dispatch Confirmation

Another email or notification that you should send your online shoppers is a dispatch confirmation. Sending them confirmation emails only lets them know that their order has been received and fulfilled, whereas a dispatch confirmation tells them that their order is on the way. This provides them with peace of mind by letting them know that their package is sent and on its way.

Delivery Notifications

Okay, so they now know that their order is on its way, but where exactly is it and how long will it take to reach their doorsteps? That’s what delivery notifications are for. Delivery notifications allow online shoppers to find out where their order at the moment. You can do this by checking with the shipping company yourself and sending the details to online shoppers, which is great if you want to add something else to your letter like subtle up-sells and cross-sells. Another option, and a much easier one to implement is sending the online shopper the tracking numbers and codes, so they can keep track of their orders themselves. This is much more appropriate if you have a huge number of customers and orders.

Provide a Helpdesk

Sometimes, an online shopper may have a few questions about the product after receiving it, this is no matter how detailed your product description and policies are (which most online shoppers don’t read). Thus, you need to set up a help desk in your online store in order to accommodate these questions. Although telephones are the most common modes by which customers complain, many online shoppers are now looking for chat options. Setting up a chat option in your online store allows you and the online shopper to chat and talk and keep the conversation simultaneous. Not only is this mode faster than emails, but also adds a personal touch to the service. If you are planning to hire people to man your helpdesk, you should invest some time in looking for and training the right team. This will ensure that any questions or complaints are handled professionally and properly.

Do a Follow-up

Some online store owners may or may not be aware of one of the statistic mentioned in this article by Colin Shaw: 96% of unhappy customers don’t complain, however 91% of those will simply leave and never come back – 1Financial Training Services.” Furthermore, A dissatisfied customer will tell between 9-15 people about their experience, and around 13% of dissatisfied customers tell more than 20 people – White House Office of Consumer Affairs.” Thus, it could be dangerous to assume that an online shopper who doesn’t complain or message you in your helpdesk is happy. In order to make sure that they are indeed satisfied with your products services, make it a point to send them an email. Ask them if they received the package well, and if it met their expectations. You can also ask them for a feedback, the data of which can be used to further improve your products and services.

Do You Have an After Sales Service?

Statistics and good business sense dictates that an after sales service is necessary for an online store’s success. With it, you can improve your online store’s trust rating, and be able to build a more beneficial and longer lasting relationship with your customers. So, do you have an after sales service? If not, then now is the time to start formulating and implementing one. If you do, do share your experiences about how you go about doing it and how it worked out. We’d love to hear from you!


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