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How to Use Vine for Ecommerce

“Vine is the best way to see and share life in motion”, says Many social media users love Vine since it lets users share and watch “6-minute short videos”. It is so adapted to the “fast and funny” characteristic of social media that it gets 40 million users since it launched in January 24, 2013. And it is the leader of the short video genre among social media platforms. Visual media is always one move ahead of printed media as Instagram and Vine are the proof for this argument. Instagram gains success by photos while Vine does the same by videos. You can get the Vine application links for iPhone and Android. Firstly, upload Vine to your mobile device and view video examples at the home page. Go to your profile and search for videos upon clicking home icon. Click camera icon and keep touching on the screen of your mobile to create a video. This feature lets you to create many video frames in different places in only one Vine video. Now, it is time to explain how ecommerce companies use Vine for their interest and popularity in online business sector.

Advertise your products in 6 seconds

Advertisement by videos is always more effective than advertisement by photos. You can shoot videos of your products and tell about their details in a 6-second video. You do not need expensive equipments; only mobile phones and iPads are enough to create a Vine video. You can see a video example in which a brand shoots a video of its product range: We made a @vineapp Vine video of Red Vines. #Vineception — Red Vines (@RedVines)

Interact with your Followers on Vine

Interaction is the key in almost all social media tools, and especially on Vine. You can request your followers to create a video while they are unpacking or buying your products. You can organize a Vine video contest, in the end of which you award participators with a discount on your products. In short, tempt users to create and share Vine videos of your brand, which ensure your company popularity in social ecommerce. Here is an example form Tribeca’s #6SECFILMS Vine competition. For the shareability factor, Tribeca required entrants to share the post on Twitter and follow @TribecaFilmFest. Winners received a $600 prize. There is no sunny-side to this story. #6secfilms – KevyPizza  

Share Tips about a New Product

Introduce your new products to your followers by a Vine video, in which you can tell them about product details. If you manage to start a “word of mouth” about a new product, you can make users wonder about it and wait for its release. It’s out of the bag. Coming March 7th. #CoolRanchDLT — TACO BELL (@TacoBell) February 13, 2013

Prepare “How to” Lists for Users

Try explaining how people can use your products on a Vine video. Do you have the products to be mounted? Display users “easy methods”. Do you sell clothes and accessories? Display users “how to combine”. Also you can show your followers how you produce your products step by step. Remember that informative Vine videos are highly popular among users. Here you can watch a “how to” video example: Bacardi UK Our #CubaLibre #cocktail in #sixseconds. Which #SixSecondCocktail would you like to see next? #vine #howto

Share Vine-Worthy Moments from your Office

You are not a computer, but it is hard to believe it for anybody sitting at a screen and shopping online. So you need to persuade them that they are in contact with humans who will take care of their needs. This is just possible by sharing your special moments while working, having conversation with colleagues, performing production steps etc. The backstage is always attractive for social media users. BuzzFeed took a video of its employees dancing — BuzzFeed (@BuzzFeed) January 24, 2013

Build a Fellowship with your Followers

Followers like to contact with the brands they love via social media tools and you are supposed to interact with them immediately upon expectations. You can keep all messages and make a Vine video of them; use “revine” and “like” options to show them how much your concern; like your followers’ Vine videos related to your brand; celebrate special days via a special Vine video. Happy #Valenvine! — Tropicana (@Tropicana) February 14, 2013  

Show Your Work for a Client

Even if you have a small business, you can take advantage of Vine easily. For example, create an animated Vine video on which you display how you package a product for a client. This method helps you shine among other ecommerce businesses on social media. Here you can see an example OneNine Design has done: Packaging we designed for our client BAR AU CHOCOLAT #packaging #chocolate #design #foilstamped #japanesewrap — OneNine Design (@OneNineDesign) February 4, 2013

Share Your Brand’s Story

Any Vine video telling about a brand’s story can easily attract attention of users since they wonder how the brand was built up. Do not tell your brand story like in the school, try to be creative and focus on what changed in times. From the past to present, the labels tell the story of our 1969 jeans. #denimevolved — Gap (@Gap) February 12, 2013  

Amuse Your Followers

Vine is like a spoiled child among all social media tools since its main aim is “entertainment”. So do not let your brand known as boring and share funny materials with your followers randomly. The point is to entertain your followers while still including a little branded something in it. #maddieonthings at MailChimp! — MailChimp (@MailChimp) January 31, 2013


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