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How to Use Pinterest for Ecommerce

Pinterest gets more and more popular since its foundation in 2010. There are about 500.000 Pinterest business accounts and 70 million Pinterest users in the world. Its popularity tempts ecommerce business owners to exist on Pinterest with the aim of reaching potential customers masses. Here is the way to achieve this aim: Pinterest is composed of two words “pin” and “interest”, meaning having a board on which you can “pin” your “interests”. It is similar to Twitter but photos are more important here. Ecommerce companies use this social media board as a place to advertise and present their products to users. There is an important issue you need to consider: Is Pinterest suitable for your business? If it is not popular for your target market, it will not affect your sales and website traffic positively. Keep it in your mind.

Update your Pinterest regularly

You need to keep your Pinterest account updated with new pins, contents and photos. It requires much time in the beginning but it is worth to gain new followers and keep existing ones loyal to your account. In time, you will experience and learn how to attract users’ attention to your board.

Categorize “boards” by your products on Pinterest

After creating a business account on Pinterest, create various boards in which you can categorize your products and share photos, videos and contents related to your brand. You can assign a board to a concept or a product, which makes easier to reach the brand for your followers. Users can follow your boards fitting their interests and “repin” them. And give funny names to your boards to ensure keeping attraction. Categorize boards by your products on Pinterest Try to focus on the interests of users and advertise not your brand but your board. Take the attention to what kind of products you have, which style you inspire from etc. Users can directly reach that category and start following it. Your followers are your potential customers here. Categorize boards by your products on Pinterest-2

Add product URL links to your pins

While “pinning” your products in your board, write its price, discount amount and URL link. So the followers, who want to buy that product, can save time and go directly to the link. Remember that social media users do not like long-lasting processes. Be clear and direct them where you want to. Add URL links to your pins

Share high-quality photos and videos on Pinterest

No social media user likes low-quality photos and videos on Pinterest since they link this situation with being “unprofessional”. Use detailed and high-quality photos, videos to show them you care about what you do and how much you attach importance to your customers. This professional spirit creates a “trusty” company impression on your followers and tempts them to share these visual contents on other social media platforms. Share high quality photos and videos on Pinterest

Follow anything trendy and popular

People prefer to exist in social media to catch up anything new anytime. If you fail in renewing your Pinterest page every day, you will surely start losing your followers. Ecommerce business owners need to follow what people  talk about recently and create pins and boards focusing on these trends. Here are two examples you can see. As you know, the summer is coming and ecommerce stores begin presenting their “summer-related” products to users: Follow anything trendy and popular

Connect your Pinterest account with other social media networks

It is proved that successful ecommerce companies are mostly active in three or four social media tools. So in addition to Facebook and Twitter accounts, get a Pinterest account and connect it with them. When you share something on Pinterest, your followers on Facebook, Twitter etc. can see what you shared and start following you here. For example, announce a new product on Facebook and share photos of the product on Pinterest. And share the link URL of the product on Pinterest. This is a popular method to increase sales via social media tools. Connect your Pinterest account with other social media networks

Follow pioneer companies of your sector on Pinterest

When you follow leader companies on Pinterest, you can see which strategies they apply to manage a Pinterest business account. You can use similar strategies and develop your methods to gain new followers and create your own loyal follower masses. In addition, repin what popular companies on Pinterest pin to figure out what your customers like to see on Pinterest.


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