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How to Use Pinterest Effectively to Increase Online Sales

The importance of Pinterest for ecommerce business is growing day by day. To increase online sales you should know how to use social media effectively. We have shared Facebook marketing tips in our previous articles. Similarly Twitter is an effective channel for ecommerce marketing. You can boost your ecommerce sales via Twitter too.

While Facebook and Twitter relies on content from a network of friends and followers, Pinterest focuses on the interests of the users and makes people gathering around topics of interests rather than relationships. Pinterest offers a huge marketing potential than other social networks. But here the point is, how effective you can use it!

According to some reports, if you can use Pinterest effectively, it drives more traffic to your ecommerce store than Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube. That means, you can pay more attention to Facebook and Pinterest. According to the reports of some ecommerce sites, users on Pinterest spent twice money then users on Facebook.

Here are the tips to use Pinterest effectively…

1. Set up account for your business

To use Pinterest for your ecommerce site, you need to create a special account for your business instead of a personal account. Set up your Pinterest business account in two steps:

  • Complete the form that asks information of your business and agree to Pinterest’s terms of service.
  • Verify your website to prove Pinterest users that you are a trustworthy source.

When you verify your website, you will prevent copy cat fraud. Your verified account will also bring more potential customers to you.

2. Create your board

After you create your account you should create your “board” to collect your photos. It may be useful to divide each board of particular subjects and themes. For example, if you are an accessories seller, you can create a special board for rings and another board for earrings. You should plan what you want to sell from your Pinterest board. Your board is also your storefront. So don’t think about what you want to show to your potential customers.

Not all pins need to be about your products. You can also share pins of how to’s. Many pins that go viral on Pinterest are every day how to’s. If you have a product which may be useful for somebody, you can show what your product is for and how it should be used effectively. You can show a picture with a tip, which may be very interesting and useful for other Pinterest users. By that, you can drive more traffic to your ecommerce site.

3. Use high resolution photos

Even though Pinterest lets you to use small thumbnails, the photos less than 600 pixel will not be so effective. So try to use large photos as much as possible. High resolution photos will always make people to think that you are a professional seller.

Also, the best way to get your pins share quickly around the Pinterest users is creating beautiful photos. While people surfing on the net, when ever they see a beautiful picture, they share. If you can share beautiful pictures, you will be a very popular account in a short time.

4. Don’t forget to add price and campaign details

It would be an effective method to increase your online sales announcing the price of your products, you share on Pinterest and related campaigns of those products. People will be interested in your campaign details if they love the pictures of your products. You can make them feel, they want to own the product, you should share high quality, beautiful photos of your products with an effective campaign. That will boost your sales up.

5. Announce your Pinterest account

Pinterest would be a part of your social media marketing. So don’t ignore announcing your Pinterest account on your other accounts and as a result you can increase the number of your followers. The more people pin your products, the more dicoverable it becomes. You should add Pin it buttons or widgets to your ecommerce site and promote pinning on social networks.

6. Pin consistently

Pinning consistently throughout the day will make the perception that you are a good content manager. We’ve already mentioned the importance of the content of your ecommerce website. Pinning consistently also will show that you are a non-stop business. Show that your business is running at night too. In time that will drive more traffic to your online shop. For the best results, you can pin 20-25 times a day. To spread your content through out the day, you can use a Pinterest schedulilng tool like Tailwind.

7. Use Pinterest Analytics tool

Pinterest provides you a Pinterest Analytics tool to help you view how effective your activities on Pinterest. You can display which one of your share is liked and clicked most and you can develop your account in the light of these details.

Pinterest may become an effective marketing and sales channel for ecommerce sites if it is used in the right way. Shopio is always with you to convert your followers on Pinterest to loyal customers. If you want to create an online store integrated with Pinterest, you can signup 14 days free trial of Shopio.


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