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How to Use LinkedIn More Effectively for Promoting Your Online Business

The social media is a very important and effective way to promote your ecommerce website. Today, with the help of new technologies, most of the internet users are also using social media. They love sharing anything they like. That means, if some of the social media users like your products or even your services, they would like to share posts about your business, which means higher visitor traffic, more conversion rates, increasing sales…

There are several social media platforms which have a unique importance for the ecommerce business. We have mentioned before that Linkedln is a necessary channel for ecommerce sites to get more promotions and to discover potential affiliates. Creating a Linkedln account for your company would be the first step for your online business.

It would be more effective to take into account the features of Linkedln which differ from Facebook and Twitter. Here are the tips to use Linkedln effectively…

Fill the company details

Filling the company details would remove the questions in the minds of the potential customers and affiliates who is looking at your Linkedln profile. Choosing the right images would give an idea about your proficiency to your followers. The first impression is very important for the customers. If they are faced with a beautiful company profile, they will be convinced that you are a professional and a trusted online store.

Advertise your company page

People can also follow the Linkedln profile of your ecommerce store as they do in Facebook and Twitter. But the first thing you should do is to promote your company’s Linkedln profile. You can promote your LinkedIn account on your other social network accounts and your website’s blog page. Considering online ad campaigns is another process. You can make an effective ad campaign for Facebook, Google and even for LinkedIn.

Share useful and qualified posts

You need to provide an effective cause to the customers to make them follow your Linkedln profile. Some of the loyal customers would like to follow your social accounts because they really love your products. But if you would like to drive much more followers to your LinkedIn account, you really should work on getting their interests. One of the causes is sharing useful posts relating to your area and your products. Try to share informative and professional posts on LinkedIn. You don’t need to be so entertaining, while working on LinkedIn.

Don’t hesitate to ask for advice

Your products and services may be well qualified and convenient for a lot of people. But if you have an opportunity to prove it, it would be easier to convince people to buy from your online store. Don’t forget to ask for advice from your connections on Linkedln about your products and services. Getting in interaction with customers will help you to have more visitors. In the next step, you have to work on converting them into customers.

Review the analysis

One of the most important features of Linkedln is analysis. You can analyze the effect of your activities on this professional network thanks to the analysis tools and you can develop them if necessary. For analyzing the data correctly, you can get professional help.

As you can see, LinkedIn is a really important social network platform for businesses. For promoting your online store and introducing it to the other professionals in the market, you can use LinkedIn. Use it effectively and grow up your online business. Shopio provides you a powerful all in one solution with a powerful social media integration. You can try Shopio free for 14 days.


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