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How to Use Digg to Bring Customers to Your Ecommerce Store

You have created an online store and now it is time for you to bring visitors. As we have mentioned before, publishing good content in your blog for your visitors is very important, especially for converting them to customers. To write good content, you can follow Google Alerts, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc. and many web sites and blogs. If you want to write unique content, you should only follow those resources, not copy-paste them. It may take some time for you to write your own articles but when you make it, you should share them with other internet users. We consider that Digg can be a great way for you to boost exposure for your content and your online store.

What is Digg? is one of the best social networking news sites. It has over then 4 million unique US visitors a month. We have already mentioned importance of Reddit for driving more traffic to your online store. In the same way, Digg can be useful to promote your ecommerce store. The idea behind is submitting web pages by the users and then promoting it to the main page by digging it. After submitting a page, other users starts digging (voting) the article. Once the article is digged by many users, it will be online on the main page of Digg. If you want to use Digg to drive traffic to your online store, here is a quick guide for you.

How to register to Digg

First you should have a Twitter, Facebook or Google+ account. If you have one of those accounts, you should click on the button of the social network which you want to login with the information of it.

digg registration

After clicking on the button, you should login to your social network account. If you are already logged in, you should authorize Digg to get information.

digg registration

Finally, you are signed in. Very easy and quick process!

digg registration

How to submit your article

For other internet users to digg your content, first you should submit your link. After submitting your link, it will take some time for it to be digged (voted) by other users. If the article is very interesting, the users will start to like and share. A good amount of share means, your article will be on the main page of Digg soon.

digg submit link

When your article is moved to the top of the index of, your web page will begin to receive a lot of traffic and usually that means more customers. New articles constantly submitted so that means your article will be moved to down in time. After some time, the article will be moved to another page, and finally to some archived. That means, you should write new interesting articles continously.

How to act in Digg community

As you already know, the internet users don’t like spams. It is very important to be a good content sharer to promote your business effectively. First, you should be an active internet user which means, digging and burying other articles, commenting on the contents etc. It is very vital thing to comment on other articles submitted by other users. In time you if you have positive comments, your user name would be well-known and when ever you post an article or comment, they will be read very carefully.

Sometimes, in your comments you can share information about your ecommerce website and your products. As a trustworthy user, awareness of your products will raise among others. The Digg community does not like when a company try to market to them. To avoid this, don’t include a direct link to your store in your comments. If it is relevant, try to explain it with a proper language. Trying to promote your store by submitting your home page or individual products will annoy other Digg users.

How to be cool and funny

To be a a good Digg user, you should be funny, interesting or informative. A wise, informative user is always cool. Funny users are also very interesting for others. You can share some link in your informative or funny comments. But avoid sharing simple links to the items you are selling. Intead, link to your blog which explains how your products might be useful for people. If your blog content is also interesting, entertaining or informative, it will start to be popular on Digg and that leads a beginning of a traffic increment. The formula is very easy: The more interesting content, the more customer.

How to advertise on Digg

If it is too complicated for you to write and share informative and interesting content you can think about giving advertisement to Digg. To help you get your online store noticed, Digg offers advertising packages for your store to be seen on the main page. By that way you can have your article or ad displayed as a news article among other standart content on Digg. One of the good properties of Digg is allowing you to create your own ads. You can chose your headline, URL, thumbnail image and summary description. For sure as another strategy, you can share your good and unique contents by those ad packages too.


For your business, can be a good short-term source to create traffic. It will be suitable for your product or servisce to be exposured. Because is a news and recent events oriented web site, fresh information is important for its users. Whenever you have a new product or a service, you can share this information with Digg users. The other usage option of Digg can be your blog. If your ecommerce website builder has an implemented blog solution it will be easy for you to publish your articles under your domain which will effect your traffic positively.

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