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How to Use About Us Page to Increase Your E-commerce Sales

Many of the people think that the “about us” page is a formality. But this page, as every item on your website, has the power to affect your success in your business directly. About us pages which are created by means of a correct strategy can contribute to increase the trust of the customers and also to increase the sales. What should be done to carry the about us page to beyond of the formality. Here are the tips to increase the sales for all of the ecommerce site owners. Determine the purpose of the page: When you examine the about us pages of the big companies, you will recognize that they are prepared using a formal language and there are found the vision, mission and values. If you want to take part in initial public offerings and if you have close relations with international investment funds you can prefer this method. But if you aim to contact with your customers on this page, instead of this kind of formal language you can express yourself and share your purposes warmly.

Humanize your brand:

There are a lot of ecommerce sites and about us page would be useful to show that you are not anybody. You can use this page to humanize it in the eyes of people by creating an identity and character. If your site has an interesting story, this page would be proper to share it. Don’t forget that consumers will like the brands with whom they feel an emotional connection.

Introduce your team:

Beyond humanizing your brand, it is possible to show by introducing the team that your ecommerce site is not made up of a website only. Customers will be very pleased to see who receive the orders, who issue the invoices, who packs, who support them when necessary via e-mail or call center. Publishing photos of the members of your team can help you to create a difference. You can make a difference by adding the photos taken during they are working and smiling instead of boring headshots.

Invite to contact:

After these details, share the information about how the customers can contact with you. Invite them to contact with you. Encourage them to ask the questions about the issues they are curious about and to share their ideas. This would be very useful to eliminate their doubts about you. We are sure that you have viewed numerous about us pages but we don’t think that you don’t remember any of them. It will be very useful to create your difference to be remembered easily. For example if you have a video, about us page would be very suitable to share it. Now you can start to get ideas about how to do different things, visiting different internet sites. Now? You prepared an about us page which would make the customers content and the visitor who view the page come to the end of the page. It would be a good idea to direct them to to the homepage, contact page or to offer them to go to the category page. You can invite them to view a product page encouraging them to try their chances.


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