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How to Sell PCs and Computer Accessories Online

There are various products you can sell on your online store. We‘ve shared details for different product groups on our blog. For example, we’ve shared tips about selling auto spare parts and mobile phones and mobile phone accessories online.

Another product group is selling computers and components. PC sales are increasing also the mobile devices are getting much more popular. In recent years, selling PC and laptops became a significant opportunity for ecommerce sites.

But cost per unit of PCs is high, which means high profit per a sale. On the other hand the high cost makes it difficult for the customer to decide which one to purchase.

Work with reliable suppliers

As you know the warranty conditions have a great impact on the decision of the customer. Even if this is an issue about the importer or the distributor, the customers would show their displeasure to you. So it would be good to work with a reliable company. How long and how perfect warranty system means how much sales you will have.

Help the customers decide

If the customer knows what to buy, everything is cool, there is not any problem. But the customers are not always aware about the technologies or the technical terms. Helping customers who are indecisive in online PC sales would provide you competitive advantages. For this, you can work on writing easy to understand product descriptions. You can also write blog articles to teach about PC technologies or to give some hints for your customers.

Don’t forget selling accessories

Don’t forget the PC accessories, which the customers may need or draw the customers’ attention. You can increase the total cart amount by selling these easy to sell products. The accessories make people to have customized computers. They also have extra protection with some of the accessories. You can also make some campaigns like giving some accessories as a gift while selling the PC.

Sell PCs for special needs

We know that while laptop sales increase, desktop sales decrease. However, PC sales are still too high to take into consideration. The decrease in PC sales causes the decrease of the PC sellers. It may be a good idea to sell PCs for special needs of the customers such as games, business or home usage. If you can present a special configuration collecting these PC’s on your own, you can create a difference and increase your sales.

Be careful about frauders

You must pay extra attention to security because most of the sales which are made by stolen credit cards are about the PC sales. If you use all in one solutions of Shopio, you may feel comfortable because security has a significant importance for us. By using Shopio, you will only need to think about your sales instead of thinking about other subjects such as privacy and security.

B2C is not the only option

When it’s about selling PCs online, the first thing coming to mind may be selling to the last user, you shouldn’t ignore that wholesales to the institutions may be a profitable business for you.

It may be very profitable to sell PCs online when it’s made properly. All you need is a reliable ecommerce platform and a solution partner. Shopio provides you a powerful all in one solution. You can try Shopio free for 14 days.


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