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How to Sell Car Spare Parts Online?

There are many entrepreneurs diving into the ecommerce ocean to make money quickly. For sure there are lots of success stories in the market. For that, you should have knowledge, patience and a good ecommerce website. Selling car parts is a very difficult process if you don’t have enough knowledge. You should be equipped with automotive market and also a little knowledge about how ecommerce works. In this article, we will be your guide to learn how to sell auto parts online. Now it is time to start the engine…

1. Who will buy the car spares?

The first question should be about your target audience. Why people will buy your spare parts? What kind of problems they have with their cars? Maybe there are some car models of which some parts are broken in a specific time. Some of the original parts maybe very expensive, that means people will buy same parts of some other brands. So, you should make a research for the cars and their models in the market.

2. Which car spares you will sell?

Auto spare part is a wide area in automotive industry. If you don’t start automotive business with a great capital, it would be sensible to focus on a restricted market. After choosing your niche, you can focus on a special car parts like windows & windshields, mufflers, car alarms, spoilers, tires, suspension systems etc. That way, you can make an effective marketing strategy. Also you can be a well-known brand for a certain segment.

3. Make a deal with suppliers

Make a list of the suppliers who may supply the products you have chosen. And then talk with all of them and try to learn their working conditions. If you have a wide product range, it may be better to collaborate with the suppliers that you can work on consignment. And if you have the opportunity to supply products directly from the manufacturer, also it may be good to increase your profit.

4. Show your difference

No matter which part you choose, probably you will not be the only one in that area. You should show difference to make your customers prefer you. For example being economical, fast shipping, presenting the product that is not found in anywhere else or presenting unique technical support may be your difference.

5. Create your online store

As a result you need a 24/7 online, high end security and easy to use ecommerce site. For instance you need a simple, user friendly ecommerce solution. If you want to sell parts wholesale, you may want an easy way to manage bulk orders via your online shop software. If you have everything in your mind, it is time to move your car parts business online today and help auto mechanics and car fanatics to handle their deals quickly and faster.

6. Spread your online store

Once your ecommerce website is online, you should make a strong marketing plan. You can start ad campaigns on Facebook and Google Adwords. After that, you will see in a short time, you will have your first visitors. Try to convert your visitors into customers by some special coupons or with beautiful products. In time, you will be able to increase your online sales.

Another great way to get the be well-known website is word of mouth system. If you have happy customers, you can be sure that they will advice your website to their friends. Also you can contact with automotive bloggers too. If you get their attention, you can reach their target audience. By that way, you can put your store in front of more customers.

7. Advise your customers

Repairing requires proficiency; professionals always want to improve themselves. So it would be good to share useful contents and tips on your blog. Photo galleries would enrich your site and on the other hand it would be welcomed warmly by your customers.

If you use the right tools, selling auto spare parts online would be a profitable business. Shopio is a reliable and easy to use ecommerce platform. It has many features such as search engine optimization, built-in payment gateways, security, hosting, order and shipping etc. To start your online business, you can try Shopio free for 14 days.


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