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How to Reduce Product Return Rates of Your Online Shop?

Returning products is one of the biggest problems in online shop managing. The return rates of your online shop can be high because the customers can’t physically experience the product while examining and buying it. The product returns can be a negative affect for your budget but it’s also a useful practice for you to increase the trust to your ecommerce store.

The fashion sector is the market with 20% of return rates. That means, if you want to sell fashion products on your online store, you should be much more careful. The other market segments often have 10% – 15% of return rates. Returns cause some problems in terms of profitability and logistics for your ecommerce website. A return product means not only a missing sale; also loss of extra money due to the shipping costs.

Here we provide you some tips to reduce the return rates.

1. Write informative descriptions

Product descriptions affect the purchase decision in a positive way and also form the feelings and thoughts of the customer. Creating reliable product descriptions would reduce the risk of a return. Always write honest descriptions. The descriptions of your product and the features of the product should definitely match, otherwise it will be return in 60% of a ratio. Also don’t forget to write a return policy for your ecommerce store.

2. Use high quality product images

Not only the descriptions, also the product images have a key role. You should provide a selection of accurate images. Try to take photos of the product in every angle. If there are color variants, you should also take photos of the product with different colors. You should use high quality images but beware enhancing them with a Photoshop like software. It may be a disappointment for the customer to have a different product than the product he/she has seen on the site. Here you can find good tips to improve product photos for your online store.

3. Give instructions for using the product

Today, most of the internet users are interested in technology. They follow the social accounts of the brands and products closely and whenever there is a new product, they try to buy them. But that does not mean, after the purchase they will be able to use the product full functionally. Also there may be some visitors who can be persuaded if there is a good manual or a demonstration for showing the benefits of the product. To convert those visitors, simply describe how to use the product on your ecommerce website. This will be a good factor for them to purchase the product, and also will be useful for them to learn how to use it. By that way you will reduce the return rates of the high-tech products.

4. Give advices to your visitors

Visitors would like to read advices of the experts. You can find some experts for your product market. Try to convince them to write some advices for your products. When you have the advices from the experts, you should include them to a highly visible and accessible place of your product page. This may help customers to find the ideal product. If you don’t have enough space for the advices in your product page, you can redirect your visitors to the expert’s blog page.

5. Moderate customer comments

Customer comments is another important factor for giving the decision. People would like to see the comments of other visitors which are using the product. The experience of other visitors will directly effect the sales of the products. Make your customers feel that you have a democratic moderation system. But that does not mean all of your customers have the correct decision. If there is a wrong or abusing comment, don’t hesitate to correct or delete it. Being able to see other users’ comments would make your customers feel relax and trust you.

6. Show shipping details

The most boring process for the customers is the waiting period to pick the product up. If you can inform the customer about the shipping period, delivery may become exciting for the customers. This would affect the feelings of the customers when he picks the product up and that would reduce the rate of returns.

7. Check the content of the consignment

According to the researches, almost 25% of the returns are due to the packages does not contain what the customer actually ordered. So you should make an extra control for the packages which are on the way to shipping.

8. Make product-specific packaging

Your customers will look at the package of the product first. If the package is damaged, that will create a bad impression on the customer. Try to make product-specific packages to make sure there will not be any damage in the shipping process. Also different and shiny packages will attract your customers. Try to make your customers happy with shipping box surprises.

9. Fast delivery with tracking

Although we’ve mentioned that the customers would like the waiting period, you should be as quick as possible. Quick delivery will result customer satisfaction. This way you will also make your customer to stay with his/her decision. It will help you to ensure that the customer’s needs have not changed. So they will not think that they will no longer want that product. If the product is delivered quickly and successfully, that means you’ve made a good selling.

10. Provide support even after the purchase

The customers may still have questions about your product. If you have a good support team, you can solve their problem quickly and this will reduce the return rates. Make sure you have an easily accessible customer service and online support system. Whenever your customers have any doubts about the product, you can convince them that there is no need to replace the product. (If really no need)

We’ve covered 10 most important solutions to reduce product rates for your ecommerce site. If you want to manage your online shop with all features mentioned above, you can try Shopio free for 14 days.


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