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How to Make Your Ecommerce Call to Actions More Effective?

When you build an online store, one of your foremost concerns revolve around getting the casual online shopper into clicking your “Buy Now” button in order to generate a sale. Now, as many online store owners can tell you, this is not always an easy thing to do. As online shoppers become smarter in the ways of online shopping, convincing them to buy your product has become a much more difficult task – and more often than not, many budding online entrepreneurs (as well as some veterans) often fail at this particular task. Why?

Why Your Call to Action is Not Working

Getting customers to click on your Call to Action (CTA) is a triumphant moment for online entrepreneurs, but note this: Potential buyers won’t click on those CTAs unless you convince them that doing so is worth it. That being said, to achieve your goal of making a sale, you need to put your CTAs at the back of your mind and focus on what needs to be done first – like creating a sales funnel that entices, convinces, and then sells. *Related Post: How to Improve Conversions with Effective Call to Actions

Your Sales Funnel in Focus

Sales funnels are something that only big and established companies dabble with and being a small online business, there are more things that need your attention aside from working out your sales funnel. However, big companies didn’t become “big” if not for their well-planned sales funnels. Just to be brief, a sales funnel is the process of how you get a potential buyer to becoming an actual customer – but not just any kind of customer, mind you, but a loyal customer who ensures repeat business for your online store. Sales funnels differ widely – if you take a look online, you’d see myriads of these there – but despite these differences, effective sales funnels work on three basic concepts: enticing, convincing, and finally selling – and these are basically the same concepts that makes for a great and effective CTA.

Enticing and Convincing the Casual Online Shopper

The first thing that you need to think of is how to attract the internet user’s attention. There are a plethora of ways to do this like offering discounts and coupons, but the most effective one is perhaps by offering them an enticing piece of content that they cannot ignore. Discounts and coupons are pretty much a common thing amongst online stores already, so if the online shopper sees that you are offering a certain product at 20% discount, is it very likely that they will start looking for another online store where they can buy the same or similar product that offers it at 30%. However, when you give them content, a story that will catch their eye and make them click on your link, now that they know is something that other online stores do not have. Although attracting the online shopper is hard enough, convincing or persuading them to buy your product is much more difficult. More often than not, the online shopper will read through and consume your content, but they are still not going to buy your product. This happens because your content wasn’t good enough to convince and convert – it lacks impact, it lacks substance. No matter how much of a skeptic an online shopper is, as long as they find your content valuable to them, they will buy your product. Thus, in order to convince and convert skeptical online shoppers, you need to write content which provides them with value and substance, something that they cannot resist or ignore. When you are able to provide this kind of content through your landing pages, your home page or your blog, you are slowly building a business to consumer relationship that will hold more value for your online store in the future – and once this relationship has been founded and cemented, the sale will naturally follow.

An Effective CTA Generates New and Repeat Business

At this point it is important to stress that building a great relationship with your customer is far more important than making the sale itself, because with this relationship, you can ensure further business for your online store. When the customer likes your content or your story, they will share it with their friends on social media, which will help you gain more visibility online and thus the possibility of new business transactions. When they love your product and you provide with valuable content on a regular basis, you will never leave their radar, and this enhances the possibility of repeat businesses. These are the kinds of CTAs that you want – the kind that builds strong relationships with new and existing customers.


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