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How to Make Video Content to Increase The Growth of Your Ecommerce Website

If you have an ecommerce website, video content is a very effective tool to get attention of internet users and convert them into customers. Especially for social media marketing, video content is very important to have an interaction with the followers. The researches show that 48% of the posts shared on social media are video contents.

Although video marketing has a big effect for growing an ebusiness, small ebusinesses still can not get the benefits from videos effectively. But video contents may be helpful for small business to promote their brands and products.

Know your target audience

Before creating your video content, knowing interests of your followers would be very helpful to decide what kind of videos to share. For this, you can monitor the shared posts of your visitors. In the beginning, letting them to share videos in your Facebook page would be a good idea. Or you can monitor some of your followers personal accounts to have a brief idea. Whenever you are sure about the content, you should share a group of videos which will be helpful, interesting and entertaining. By this, your video content marketing will drive more followers which may be potential customers for your online store.

Create different content for each social media platform

Additionally to understanding your target audience, you should be aware how to use your each social media platform, and create “right” and effective video format. You can use six seconds of videos on Vine to promote your online store, but you can use longer Instagram videos for promoting your products with details.

Get interaction instantly

As you already know, Facebook videos are very effective to increase the interaction with followers. These videos may have 20 minutes of length which you can make a storyline for your products. That will be very effective for your followers and they will begin to share your videos if they find them really interesting. With short videos, it may be very difficult to tell a story, you may only be able to show the how your products look. Forget about demonstration, or a how to use, tutorial. Also when you consider about the time consumption of people on Facebook, you will see that people really like to watch video on this social platform. Also checking some hashtags in Facebook will be a good idea.

Live video demonstrations and webinars

Webinars or live demonstrations will also be very effective to drive more customers. While you are creating a video content, don’t think you will only publish them on YouTube. All platforms has their own characteristics, so create one, share in all. But for sure, publishing a YouTube channel is very important, which you can upload your live demonstration videos for the users which could not follow live. Create content to gain more followers

You can create video content for starting a competition. For example, inserting some words to the videos, and publishing them as a series would be very interesting. When your followers have all the words inserted in the videos, they can send the exact sentence to you, and you can give them some special gifts. This way, you will be in interaction with your followers and you can gain more reputation in the social media. Also you may want your visitors to create different videos about your products and again, you can give some gifts to the best ones. This is also important for not to create videos by yourself. If you think, you don’t have enough time to create video content, you can easily use this method.

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