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How to make an online store?

With the help of technology, today we have chance to do almost everything online. Many users prefer buying online, and that means there is a huge online market. To be part of this market, you should plan selling something online.

The first steps

The first step for launching the ecommerce market is writing a good e-business plan which should consist of what you want to sell, what people need, which types of customers you want to reach, what is your website goal etc. When you answer all these key questions, you can pass to the next step.

The second step should give the answers of these questions: What kind of products you will sell? Which brands are the best and most common ones? Will you offer online and offline purchasing? How you will handle shipping and returns? Will you have an online support system? Additionaly, a toll-free phone number would be great for a good customer care service.

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Find a good domain name

After answering those questions, before building an online shop, you should decide a good domain address. Try to find a domain address consisting of the keywords of your products. Finding a domain address which consists of terms of the market of your products is also another solution. If you think that you’ve found the domain name, as quickly as possible log on to the internet and try to learn if that domain adress is already taken or not. You can use some companies such as, or to complete the registration process.

domain name

Choose your shopping cart software

To sell your products online, you will need a ecommerce website. With that, you can handle customer orders, credit card processing, shipment and so on. Today, with the help of inexpensive, easy-to-use and powerful e-commerce services, you don’t need to build your own website. Before buying an ecommerce solution, don’t forget to investigate the features it has. An easy-to-use, fast and customizable ecommerce website will be useful for you to personalize your online shop to drive more customers. The mobile device usage is growing day by day. That means, your e-commerce website should have a responsive theme. By that, your visitors will have a customized user friendly interface for their mobile devices.

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Make your logo

Using the right logo for your ecommerce store is one of the most important thing while building your online shop. That will boost the definition of your business brand which will help you to be known better by your target audience. Logos are meant to be an easy way for customers to remember your company. Changing the logo after some time is not a good idea. That will decrease the reliability of your company. A complex logo can be difficult to remember. While making your logo, try to be simple as you can. Also choosing the color of your logo plays a vital role. You can find the meanings of the colors.

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Meanings of colors

  • Red evokes aggressiveness, passion, strength and vitality
  • Pink evokes femininity, innocence, softness and health.
  • Orange evokes fun, cheeriness and warm exuberance.
  • Yellow evokes positivity, sunshine and cowardice.
  • Green evokes tranquility, health and freshness.
  • Blue evokes authority, dignity, security and faithfulness.
  • Purple evokes sophistication, spirituality, costliness, royalty and mystery.
  • Brown evokes utility, earthiness, woodsiness and subtle richness.
  • White evokes purity, truthfulness, being contemporary and refined.
  • Gray evokes somberness, authority, practicality and a corporate mentality.
  • Black evokes seriousness, distinctiveness, boldness and being classic.

After choosing the right colors, you should try to describe your brand with your logo. When your logo is ready, upload it to your ecommerce software. You can try free tools to make your own logo

Build your payment system

Another big issue is credit card payment and secure checkout. If you are an official company, the next step should be obtaining an internet merchant account from your bank. That will allow you to accept credit card payments online. In that process, some of the banks would turn you down, when that happens don’t hesitate to try other ones. You can try to convince a bank by saying you will move all your accounts to this bank if they accept your appeal. It is very important if your e-commerce solution has a 128-bit SSL certificate for protecting your credit card transactions.

credit cards

If obtaining an internet merchant account from a bank is difficult for you, you can directly use a payment gateway account. A payment gateway account is an online processor that merges your customer’s credit card account and your internet merchant account. The gateway verifies the information and then transfers the requests and authorizes credit cards in real time. While buying an ecommerce solution, don’t forget to check if has an integreated system with most popular payment gateways such as PayPal,, Stripe, 2Checkout.

What makes a good online shop?

Everything seems okay and now you have a running ecommerce store. What you have to do next is enhancing the website structure and building good content. The website structure will help you to convert your visitors into customers. The content should be directly related to the goals and objectives of your website. With the help of a good content, you will have a chance to persuade your visitors to buy your products.

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Also there are some technical standards for a good website, there is no limit what you can serve to your visitors. Let’s have a look to some features of a well designed website:


As we have mentioned above, content is a key factor for a successful website. Giving the visitors interesting information will make them convinced to buy the products. Once your website is running, update the website with fresh content for keeping your visitors coming back. Writing good content will also help you to build backlink.


The structure of your ecommerce store is important for a good navigation system. You should decide how many pages and how they will linked to each other. That also means, how your menu system will be. Also choosing right graphics and icons will enhance the content of your website.


Your content and structure is boosted with the design. So, the design of your website in comes after content and structure. As the ecommerce store manager, you should focus on developing a simple design. By that way, the visitors will not be lost in your website and can easily find and buy your products.


Another important point is the navigation. How easy your navigation means more visitors to browse your website. Try not to leave your visitors at a dead end. Always forward them to the pages which will help your visitors to persuade them to buy your products.


When your marketing starts getting good results, you will see that more customers are coming day by day. In time, they will tell other people to buy your products if they are satisfied with the buying, shipping and using process. Even though, you have good products, you should have a website which looks very professional and reliable. You should give information about your company name, complete address, telephone, fax and email.


The speed of your online store is another important issue. The visitors will quickly abondon your cart if they browse your website very slowly. To have a high speed internet solution, you should make an investigation for good hosting companies. Some all in one ecommerce solution has a good hosting solution. For example Shopio has a scalable SaaS hosting architecture which can handle massive amounts of traffic to your online store.


The importance of ecommerce is growing everyday. If you want to be a good e-merchant you should follow all these steps very carefully. The Shopio Team is always ready to help you in this process. If you want to have a good all in one ecommerce solution which includes all the features listed above, you can try Shopio for 14 days.


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