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How to Increase Your Online Sales ? 6 Easy Tips for Your E-commerce Store

If you work on ecommerce, you probably allocate most of your time to analyze the options to be able to increase your sales. In order to have an ongoing business, the most important factor is the income you gain in ecommerce so that it would be useful to know the options on this issue. We have brought together and tried to explain 6 of the most significant options in order to increase your sales. All of these options may not be suitable for you but it can be possible to increase your ecommerce sales, determining the most suitable ones you have never tried before. Here are 6 ways to increase your sales on ecommerce.

1 – Increasing the customer amount

The customers who purchase on your online store are your main source of income and the first thing that come to your mind is to increase the amount of them. On the other hand gaining a new customer costs too much when compared with other options. To increase your customer amount you need to increase also your advertisement expenses.

2 – Selling to old customers

This method is one of the most effective methods and costs less comparing with previous methods. For many of the ecommerce sites, selling again to the customers is both easier and the cost of the after sale is low. Loyalty programmes would be very effective for this purpose.

3 – Increasing the average order value

If you can achive to increase the amount that the customers reach with only an order, you can increase your revenue without waiting the customers to order again and without any need of increasing the number of the customers. This method is more effective than other two methods we mentioned above, and costs less and also is the goal of the other ecommerce sites. So that would be good to make a discount for the products you present with profit margin especially on the bulk purchases or to market the products with related products.

4 – Increasing the product range

The most ignored item in this list is to increase the product range. Once a customer meet his need purchasing a product on your online store, if you don’t present any different products the rate of the interest for your site will decrease. On the other hand if the customers cannot find the products which they are looking for, they will probably become a potential customer that you missed. So that it would help you to increase your revenue, starting the sales of the new products which can be included to your product range or a new product range.

5 – Getting into new markets

This article is the most needed one to create a long-termed strategy among other options but can be carried out only a few enterprices above a certain level. If you don’t have enough sources yet to get into new markets, keeping this article as a long-termed plan may be a good option rather than being impatient. Getting into new markets may be carried out by two ways. First of them is to sell to a geographical region. Because you can sell entire of the your own country by ecommerce, this article means expanding overseas. The second one is to sell to a customer segment which you have not aimed before. It can be a good example that selling suitcases for men or children while you were selling only woman handbags before.

6 – Increasing the prices

If you want to increase revenues another method you can do is to increase prices. This option is the most risky one, so this should be applied carefully. If you increase the prices too high suddenly you can face with the risk of missing your existing customers. But if you increase the prices at a rate of 1% or 2%, that would mean you increase your at about the same rate. Because this is not a method you can repeat often, it’s important to make a good decision being careful about the timing and the rate of increase.


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