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How to Improve Product Photos for Your Online Store

Product photos are often the strongest tools that customers get to interact with the product before they purchase it. For an e-commerce store product photos are not optional. Customers can feel your product with only its images. And believe it or not, a perfect image can answer the questions of customers. Product photos can make the sale and break the sale at the same time. The first thing that comes to your mind may be hiring a professional photographer to get some magic shots but you may be working on a tight budget or let’s think positive, you like photography and you want to take your own photos. Don’t worry it’s hard but learnable and it’s all about knowing what to do with whatever you have on hand. I want to give you some tips on what makes great product photos and how you can take them by yourself.

Light them up

Lighting is crucial. Good lighting is a huge deal for product photography. So, fill your shooting area with light! Natural light works best for most photos and you should use it whenever possible. On cloudy days set your studio near a window, if there is a direct sunlight try to cover it with something like curtains. If the weather is not suitable for you create your own light. Mirrors, lamps, white mat boards, foams, flash.. There are plenty of options that you can get help from. Sometimes shadows can give brilliant 3D effect to your products. Try it and find out something that works best for you.


For white goods and transparent goods (like glass) use a black background. For everything else white paper will rock your photos! Yes, white paper. You don’t need to pay lots of many for light boxes or any other equipment.  Just with a white paper you can create your own background. This gives plain background to your photos and people can focus on the product. But if you want unique photos you can write your own scenario and create interesting backgrounds. Creating a unique background and using support items with the main product in the foreground can really give interest and even improve your products desirability.

Try different angles

Take photos from multiple angles who give the customer a proper idea of what the product looks like and strengths their trust to your products. By doing this, you can also show other important details about the product which is not impossible to show in one photo.

Sense of scale

Customers sometimes may not easily recognize the products. For this situation sense of scale can be very helpful. If you include an item in the photo that people know perfectly, it really helps to visualize the size of the product.  You can see an impressive example of iPad from Apple Company, which prefers using a simple object to compare with its products. Thin as a pencil

Product’s Natural Environment

Adding at least one photo with the product’s natural environment will be very helpful for customers. For example if you are selling a watch, take a photo of it on someone’s wrist. If you are selling a bookshelf fill it with books and take its photo in a living room. Or if you sell clothes, show the products on a model. So customers will get an idea how the item will look on them.

Editing Matters

Taking a photo is often just the beginning, next comes the editing. Good news, you don’t have to be a professional photographer or a designer. Any editing program can help you to edit your photos. Try different sizes, cropping, color adjustments. There will be lots of changes. Also remember, with Shopio, you can only use .png and .jpeg formats and your photo can be max. 4mb to upload. Also try to keep these in mind : •    Do not delete photos on camera. Give them a chance and see them on computer before deleting. •    You can try tripods and timers if you can’t help vibrations and movements. •    Don’t be lazy and avoid zooming. •    Take plenty of shots. Choose the best. •    Don’t spare any visual details; show them all in the photo. (This t-shirt is red but we also sell in blue and black) Don’t just tell them about it, give people a chance to see it by themselves. •    Use “flower” mode to take some detailed photos. Most of the cameras have this mode and they use a “tulip” icon for that. •    Don’t forget the white balance, especially if you’re using a colored background.


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