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How to Improve Product Pages: Seven Top Tips You Can’t Ignore

One of the main reasons why many online stores and ecommerce businesses have low conversion rates is because of poorly crafted product pages. Are you one of them? If you are, there’s no need to worry because there are certain things that you can do to improve your product pages. These simple tips and advice, when applied correctly, can bring more customers and sales to your online business. So without further ado, here are our seven top tips to improve your product pages in no particular order.

Be Visual! Stunning and Functional Images and Meaningful Videos

Remember that online shoppers are not privileged to actually see or hold your products. Thus, the next best thing would be to provide them with images and videos of the product you are selling. To better help you out, here are some things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to images for your products pages.
  • You should have features like roll over zoom, enlarge image, alternate views, and shots of different angles installed in your product pages.
  • Use high definition images as much as possible. Don’t worry much about the size of the image. There are online tools like Shrink Pictures that can help you reduce the image size without sacrificing the quality.
  • As for your videos, be sure to make them meaningful, relevant and informative. You can create your own video by introducing the product, get an introductory video from the manufacturer and include customer testimonials whenever possible.

Communicate Value with Your Product Descriptions

Many recommend using bullet points for product descriptions for better scanning and readability. Others suggest using paragraphs to make it more human and appealing. Whatever method you choose, make sure that your value proposition (the reason why online shoppers should buy from you) is clear throughout the product description. Remember that product descriptions should not just contain what the buyer is buying but also why the buyer should buy it. Take a look at this example product description about a watch from the Bradford Exchange online: From the moment you first saw him, you wanted everything life has to offer for your wonderful son. Now, let him know how proud you are with this Handsome Son, Reach for Your Dreams Men’s Watch, a bold fine jewelry exclusive from The Bradford Exchange. A beautiful symbol of your love and affection, it makes a powerful gift that your son is sure to treasure forever. Expertly handcrafted in solid stainless steel, this chronograph men’s watch features a boldly contrasting deep blue sunray dial with 3 working chronograph sub-dials: seconds, minutes and hours, all in military time. It sports a handy stopwatch function, and the tachymeter features a rotating bezel, while sleek silvery finished hands and hour markers complement the design. Extremely durable and dependable, with a precision quartz movement and quartz mineral lens, it is water resistant to 3 ATM. An etched sentiment on the back of the watch reads, “I’m so proud to call you my son.” A handsome custom presentation case that includes a poem card entitled “Reach for Your Dreams, Son” provides the perfect finishing touch. Strong demand is expected for this fine stainless steel men’s watch, so don’t wait. Order now!” See how this product description is geared towards a specific market? It also makes use of compelling adjectives to further build the image and appeal of the item being sold. The best part is that it communicates to the buyer the very essence of why they should buy the item, and creates a sense of urgency at the end. Check also, one of our other blog posts “How to Write Product Descriptions that Engage and Convert Online Shoppers” to learn more about product descriptions.

It’s in the Details

One of the things that frustrates many online shoppers and keeps them from buying is the lack of very important details about the product. No, we are not talking about product descriptions, but rather other details including the following:
  • Available Sizes
  • Stock Availability
  • Available Colors
  • Price, Discounts or Special offers
  • Shipping Cost
  • Product Specifications and Dimensions
  • Where It was Made
  • Return Policies (where applicable)
  • Safety Information (where applicable)
  • Email Notifications
  • Social Media Apps

Got Great Products? Prove It with Customer Reviews and Feedback

Customer reviews are increasingly becoming more and more important. As mentioned by Amy Gesenhues in this report on Marketing Land, 90% of respondents claimed that positive online reviews influenced buying decisions, while 86% said buying decision were influenced by negative reviews. Just imagine how many potential customers you are bound to gain or lose given those statistics! So how do you get positive online reviews? There are many ways to do so, but be sure to one thing in mind: Be subtle in asking for reviews. Avoid being pushy and demanding. A thank you email with a “soft nudge” asking for feedback is bound to yield better results than an annoying spam.

Leverage the Power of Suggestion

Product recommendations like cross selling and up selling can help to boost an online store’s sales. Most beginning and established ecommerce business and online stores make use of these sales strategies to help improve their product pages and business. In fact, according to this article from Conversion XL: “According to Forrester research analyst Sucharita Mulpuru, product recommendations are responsible for an average of 10-30% of ecommerce site revenues.” Thus, be sure to add cross selling and up selling features and catch phrases like “Others also bought…” or “You may also like…” This will help to entice online shoppers to check out more of your products in case they don’t feel sure about the first item they were presented. You can group your product recommendations according to:
  • Product Families (Other products from the same brand like iPhones and Macs)
  • Product Accessories (Accessories for the main item like earphones for MP3 players)
  • Complementary Products (Products that goes with the main item like cleaning materials for antiques. Take note that this is different from accessories)
  • Competing Products (Similar products from other brands like iPhones and Samsung Smartphones)

Test, Test, and Test Again

Split testing or A/B testing is very helpful in identifying between what works in your product pages and what does not. In fact, split testing has become increasingly important that it is now a crucial endeavour in any ecommerce business. You can test the various facets of your product page, for example, when creating the title and meta tags of your product page, you can use various keywords, test it, and find out which is more effective in driving search traffic.

Live Chat: Get Talking (or Chatting)

Remember what we said a while ago about engagement? Why not take the interaction to a higher level by installing a Live Chat feature in your site and product pages? Through Live Chat, you will be able to talk to customers, answer their questions, and be able to provide better customer service. The problem here is that you can’t be online all the time. Furthermore, you will have a truly difficult time communicating with customers from another time zone. The remedy here is to hire someone to manage the chat for you. If not, you can always ask your customer (politely) to leave a message (which will automatically be transferred to your registered email) and answer them the soonest possible time.

How are Your Product Pages?

Making a few changes on your product pages such as the ones mentioned above can help greatly in helping to improve product pages in your online store. Although most of them can be started immediately, it will take some time before you finally figure out what is the most effective and strategic approach to creating product pages that work. In time, you will find that the time and money you spent on implementing these changes will be well worth it.


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