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How to Improve Google Search Results of Your Online Store?

Google and other search engines use advanced algorithms to determine how important is your pages for the visitors. The content of your page will effect the results of the searches directly. However these algorithms are hidden, it’s known that there are about 200 different paremeters which effect each search results. For a good SEO strategy, it is very important to know these paremeters.

Share your online store on social media

The shares on social media about your online store and the keywords used on those posts become an important SEO measurement. Especially the latest update of Google has increased this issue to a higher level. And the referrals that are given to your company’s page have also an effect on SEO. Shopio is an ecommerce website builder with integreated social media feature. So with the help of Shopio, try to make a good social media marketing strategy for more shares of your online store.

Write original content

Original content is one of the most significant measures for search engines. But the detail you shouldn’t miss that the original content is particular measure for the whole site. If you create original contents for each parts of your ecommerce site, you would gain a plus for your search engine performances.

Fix broken referrals

The referrals from your site for other sites are not taken into consideration in terms of SEO. But if you have referrals for the sites and pages which give the 404 not found error, the search engines would think you don’t care enough for your site and this will reflect your site in a negative way.

Use keywords in your domain name

Domain name is important for your ecommerce business. On the other hand, chosing a domain name with keywords is very important for the search engines. If you have a domain name which has keywords of your products, market, brand etc. your online shop will be shown on higher in search results. As a result perfect match is a valuable case. For example for the keyword for accessories, is the most valuable domain name. But giving place to keyword on subdomain name or giving place at least partly on the domain name would be useful as well. You can search for some variants like,, etc.

Referrals to your site

The referrals from other sites to your site keep its importance. The referrals from different domain names have an effect also in the results. And the other referrals from blogs, forums and news sites have various values. The most valuable detail is that Google and the other search engines declare war against the fake or purchased referrals. If search engines determine that you make the same thing, they would nail you to the wall.

Use keywords on the page

Choosing and writing the keywords on the header, on the top of the page or on the domain name would increase the ranks of the search results. So it would be good to determine at the beginning each keywords, and then writing the content with using those keywords as much as possible.

Content of your blog or descriptions of your products is very important. If you want to have an ecommerce solution with a good SEO feature, you can try Shopio for 14 days for free.


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