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How to Convert Customer Complaints to Customer Satisfaction for Your Ecommerce Store

As an ecommerce website manager, you may think that you are managing your business smoothly. But although this is totally correct, your customer satisfaction may not end as you would like to be. When that happens, the unsatisfied customers would like to have some promotions from the ecommerce website, also the problem is solved.

To drive back the unsatisfied customers to your online store, you should reply and solve their problems as soon as possible. This is very important for the growth of your ebusiness. So, how can you turn the complaints of your customers into an advantage? Here you can find 3 simple steps for creating customer satisfaction

Listen your customers carefully

Understanding that the sales are not only the ultimate target, also it is an occasion for starting an interaction which may help you to create a successful online store. The complaints of your customers will let you to have a tight relation with your customers. Although the problems may not occur because of you, whenever you dive into an argument with your customers, you may lose this opportunity to build up a good relation. You should know the main target is keeping your customers happy forever. If you argue with your customers, you will not be able to have loyal customers and also it will be impossible to create a community. Also the complaining customers will begin sending negative posts about your online store.

Instead of arguing with the customers, just listening and talking with them in a polite way, is a good idea. Especially if your customers are angry, just listen them silently and patiently. You will see that, with this action, your customers will like the customer service of your online store, and they will begin praising you on social media.

Solve their problems

You’ve given time for your customers to tell their complaints and let them think that you understand what the problems are. Now it is time to solve them. In this process, you can whether return the product and give the money back to your customers. Making promotions for your customers will also make a positive effect on them. But be aware that, if you have these problems frequently, this will be a big problem for your budget.

Register the problems of your customers

Registering the problems of your customers will help you to understand the inclination of your customers which will be useful to solve the common problems. You can also analyze your records and decide at which points you should support the operations of your ecommerce website.

Keeping tracks of your customers will also help you to identify vicious customers. You may encounter with some customers which would like to get an advantage of your return policies. To understand and identify this type of users, registering the customers and their problems will be very useful.

Managing the customer care service is a difficult and very important process. If you can satisfiy your customers, in a short time you can also increase your sales. Shopio provides you a powerful all in one ecommerce solution. If you want to create an ecommerce website and begin selling online, you can try Shopio free for 14 days.


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