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How to Boost Your Ecommerce Store’s Average Basket Size

Online traffic and the average basket size on your ecommerce website are two important factors to increase your endorsement. The importance of average basket size is generally thougt after online traffic and conversion rate but if the purpose is to increase the endorsement, it should not to be ignored the amount of the average basket size. For this reason let’s analize why it is important to increase the average basket size, then what we can do to increase the average order value.

Why you have to pay attention to increase average basket size?

  • You can loose the the sources that increase your website traffic , if you increase your average basket size before, you will be in a better condition.
  • Creating traffic on your ecommerce store requires “high cost” efforts. On the other hand increasing the average value is both easier and costs less.
  • Increasing the average basket size is the most practical and simple way of cash flow. Regular cash flow means you have an ongoing business.
  • The methods of increasing the avarage basket size

    1- Product packages

    Releasing the product as a packet with the product that customer has chosen and another product he may need . If you create special packages suitable to customer needs, you can sell more than one produt in one sitting.

    2- Free shipping

    “Free shipping” can be forcible to ecommerce websites in terms of cost but if the purpose is to increase the average basket sizes, this can be a big opportunity. Firstly research that your customers generally shop about which prices. For instance, your customers spend about 40$ and pay 6$ for shipping, you can offer them “free shipping” for the shops over 50$. Thanks to this little difference you can motivate your customers and increase your average basket size.

    3- Donations

    Announcing that you will endow a piece of your interest to a welfare association can be an effective tactic. Inform your customer about the amount in detail that will be left to you and will be endowed to the welfare association. The customer who knows that a piece of the investment of the product he bought will be donated to a welfare association, may prefer to buy the other products on your website to help that welfare association. If you prefer a popular welfare organization or association and support it with an effective PR campaign, as a result you can both help to the society and also can increase your sales.

    4- Cross selling

    Cross selling means selling another product relating to the product customer bought (for instance, selling a bedclothes with a duvet). Cross selling technique is one of the best way to increase your endorsement and average basket size. Placing a gift bag option with a product, you can predict the customer to loose time for searching the product. This kind of techniques can be more effective. If you’re looking for a new way to rock your business and have already reached the competitive industry conversion rates, now it’s your average sale value’s turn. Growth of average basket value shows that your company’s strategy working well and becoming more effective. How is your own experience with increasing your Average Basket Size in your ecommerce business? Please share your thoughts and adivces with me in the comments below.


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