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How to Attract “Profitable” Customers to Your Online Store

Facebook, Twitter, search results, ads, performance marketing, e-mail marketing… these are only a few channels to draw traffic and to gain customers to your ecommerce site. Using these channels correctly you can reach to high sale volumes. Which one of them is more effective for you? How did you reach your active customers and how did you make them purchase on your site? Do you know the answers? If you know the answers, it’s good for you because you can recognize the market and ad channels which have a big customer potential and you can concentrate on more that channel. If you are not sure or if you need more details on this issue, we will share some useful information with you. According to the result of a research, which is carried out analyzing 7 different online marketing and sales channel, most effective method to gain customer is organic search.

Search Engine Optimization:

15,8% the customers of these ecommerce sites found these sites and became the customer. This is an important data that reveal the importance of search engine optimization. We recommend you to review the other texts about Search Engine Optimization. Related Post: Top 50 SEO Tips & Tricks for E-commerce Websites

CPC advertising:

The second channel is CPC after organic search. 10% of all the customers is gained by CPC ads model for which it is paid per a click. If this rate is low for you, you may be making some mistakes. So we also recommend you to read the text “Most common google AdWords mistakes in ecommerce”. Related Post: Pay-per-Click (PPC) for Your Online Store: Is It Worth It?

E-mail marketing:

The third one is e-mail marketing. E-mail marketing has increased its importance in the last four years. E-mail marketing is known as the source of the 7% of all the ecommerce customers. It’s possible to increase this rate performing the

Other advertisements:

According to a research, performance based advertisements or in other words affiliate networks are regarded as the fourth customer source on the list. Display advertising, in other words banner ads is the fifth one. Related Post: Why You Can’t Ignore Advertising on Bing and Yahoo!

Social media:

Social media, which is a new generation marketing tool with respect to others, is found at the end of the list. There are two reasons for being at the end of the list even if Facebook and Twitter are very popular. The first reason is that social media contributes to brand recognition and brand image. The second one is that ecommerce sites are not able to use social media efficiently. We recommend you to read our blog to use social media efficiently. After you find the customers and draw them to your site, now it’s time to present your products on the most suitable ecommerce platform. Shopio has various features for you. You can start to earn on ecommerce signing a trial account.


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