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[Infographic] How Small Businesses are Engaging in E-Commerce

Small businesses are slow to catch on to the ecommerce wave, with less than half of them having a website. At least this is what a infographic study below made by Formstack reveals. “There are more than 25 million home-based and small businesses, over 20 million of them do not even have a website.” says this study. This data raises the issue that small businesses may be getting complacent with merits that come with the notion of being small. When looking at the reasons for not having an ecommerce website, small companies quote reasons such as; not needing one (main reason), too much cost, lack of time, and etc. Small businesses are not engaging in ecommerce much, and this needs to change. New, low-cost Ecommerce Solution Shopio, is making it possible for small firms to level the playing field and match up to competition from bigger companies out there. We enable small to medium sized businesses to promote and sell their products online at affordable prices without any technical kowledge or installation.

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How Small Businesses are Engaging in E-Commerce
Source: How Small Businesses Engage in eCommerce


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