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Grow Your Online Store with These Ecommerce Strategies

Creating an online store from scratch, or leveling up your brick and mortar business into the virtual world, can be a very challenging endeavor, especially so if you are not well-aware of the different factors that affects an online store’s success – which is why you need to have a great ecommerce strategy in place before you declare your online store open for business. But what makes a great ecommerce strategy, and how do you use these to help grow your online business?

Niche Markets

One of the very first things that you need to look at when it comes to building an ecommerce strategy is your target market, and as many successful online store owners and marketers will tell you, having a specific market for your product or services is bound to yield more beneficial results than not having one. Having a specific target market will serve as a core foundation of your ecommerce strategy. By knowing who your customers are, you will be able to create your online business around their needs, wants, and preferences. You will be able to identify the best social media channels that you can utilize to reach them, and do away with a lot of guessing games and wasting your marketing budget on platforms that don’t work. More importantly though is that you will be able to create and provide specialized offers that will best attract and generate interest among this specific market.

Content Marketing

At this point of the online shopping era, content marketing is a crucial aspect of any successful ecommerce strategy. Online shoppers nowadays are pretty smart as far as online shopping is concerned, and gone are the days when a customer’s buying decision is influenced by how flashy a website is. Now, online shoppers want to make informed choices before they purchase anything, and you can give this to them by creating a content marketing strategy that will satisfy this need for information. Aside from having a blog where you can outline the different benefits of your product or buying from your online store, you can also make use of social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram to create video content about your products. You can also create posts in Facebook and Google Plus where there are a lot of potential customers. Aside from blogs and visual content, you can (and should) also use user-generated content like feedbacks and product reviews. Such content is more likely to attract buyers, since they came from those who have purchased and tried your product first-hand.

Learn SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very important as far as online businesses are concerned because it is through this that your customers will find you in organic searches. Yes, even if they’ve already seen you on Facebook for instance, it is a natural consumer’s instinct to go to Google and search for you or your product there, and when they do, you want your online store to be the one they click on. With SEO strategies, you can dramatically increase your online store website’s ranking and be on the first page of Google, the prime virtual real estate which al websites are fighting for. And with Shopio you don’t even have to an expert coder or programmer in order to do SEO, because Shopio have a built-in SEO system that will ensure that your online store is as optimized as possible without you having to stress yourself about it.

Up Sells and Cross Sells

Up selling and cross selling are basically as old as time itself when it comes to online shopping. This is a pretty simple strategy actually, and many online stores use this in order to generate more profit. After all, the customer already bought a product, why not try to make them buy another? There are different ways to up sell and cross sell your products in your online store. You can use famous phrases like:
  • “Other customers who bought this also bought…”
  • “You may also be interested in…”
  • “Related searches include…”
And so on and so forth.

Go Mobile

More and more people nowadays are using their mobile devices in order to conduct product researches and even buy things online – and that’s why you need to make sure that your online store’s website is optimized for mobile devices. In order to do this, you might consider using responsive web design that will allow your website’s appearance to adapt to the type of device being used to view it. By going mobile, you are allowing mobile savvy customers to access your online store at their convenience – which can help to improve the customer experience and the chances of you making a sale. Having a solid ecommerce strategy is crucial to any online store’s success, and incorporating the above into you ecommerce strategy will surely bring lots of benefits to your online business.


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