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Facebook Marketing Tips for Your E-commerce Business

Today, using social media by ecommerce sites become one of the most important factors that affect the success and failure of the them. Facebook, with its active users over 1 billion worldwide, is accepted as the capital of social media. However Facebook offers a unique and low cost marketing opportunities for ecommerce sites and for all other enterprices, unfortunately the results of the mistakes which companies make, may cause hard results. Even though all enterprices have gradually discovered the power of Facebook as a marketing tool but the number of those who use this power with its real potential unfortunately are not so much. That’s why we have prepared a list of topics that ecommerce sites need to be careful about Facebook marketing.

Power of the photos:

You probably heard that quotation “A photo is worth a thousand words”. When the issue is internet, the effect of the photos may be higher. Facebook brings the photos to forefront on its updates in its structure. Be careful about using large and high-quality photos. We recommend you to review our text about this issu entitled “Boost Your E-commerce Sales with These Awesome Product Photog-raphy Tips”.

Rule of 80-20:

Sharing contents always and only for sales and marketing or metioning about always yourself will cause the users to lose their affection completely. So that would be better to share contents aiming to informing and entertaining, suitable to your ecommerce site’s concepts. General rule about this issue is to share contents 20% relating to your products and services and 80% except your products but attractive contents suitable to your site’s concept.

Pay attention to the frequency of sharing:

Facebook pages, who share rarely, are not attractive for the users and can be difficult to gain new followers. On the other hand sharing too often may become boring in a short time and cause you to lose your current follewers so it’s ideal to share a few times and different period of times in a day.

Be patient:

Facebook marketing is a business that requires patience such as almost all digital marketing channels. Rather than looking forward to get quick results and conversions, don’t forget that this is a long-termed work and would bring you continuous and permanent customer. If you want to get quick results you need to prefer advertisement instead of digital marketing.

Correct advertising:

If you prefer advertisement for faster results you need to define your target audience, and target ads in a correct way. If you’re new at advertising on Facebook, you can get a better return on your target audience and it would be a good idea to test with a low budget until you reach to the correct audience and to bring them into action. If you have not followed up yet Facebook and Twitter page of Shopio, you can follow now and you can view the examples of the things we told here.


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