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Facebook Ad Types That You Can Use for Your Ecommerce Business

Facebook ads provide both offline and online businesses the opportunity to extend their audience reach and improve their social media and online exposure. When used properly and strategically, it can help generate more leads and sales for your online store and ecommerce business. Facebook ads come in different types, and one of the biggest challenges for online store owners is having to choose which to utilise among them. The best way to overcome this obstacle is by having a working knowledge about them, and using that knowledge to best determine which will be the most appropriate and profitable for your online store.

 “Standard Ads”

Facebook Standard Ads

Standard ads, or also known as Facebook marketplace ads, are the most commonly observed ad campaigns utilised by online store owners when it comes to advertising in Facebook. This ad is located in the right-hand side of a user’s Facebook page and consists of a headline, a text or copy limited to 90 characters and an image.

Why Use Facebook Standard Ad: With this type of Facebook ad, Facebook users are directed to an external link when they click on the ad, the link in question being your online store’s website. Thus, it provides a great way for you to generate more traffic to your site.

 “Page Post”

Facebook Page Post

Page post ads are one the simplest to create among the different types of Facebook ads and can be created using Facebook Ads Manager. Whenever you have a new post like an image, video, or event that you would like to advertise, you can turn these into Page Post Ads which appears in the News Feed.

Why Use Facebook Page Post Ads: Page Post Ads are great means of driving engagement for whatever content you posted. This type of Facebook Ad targets your fans and friends and everyone else who is connected to your Facebook account.

“Promoted Posts”

FB Promoted Post Ads

Promoted posts are somewhat similar with page posts, where posts are turned to ads. However, promoted posts are able to reach more audience and appear not only in the News Feed but also in the right-hand side of the Facebook page like a standard ad. Turning your content into a promoted post does not change its appearance, so you don’t have to worry about any editing – it just changes the way your post or ad is distributed.

Why Use Facebook Promoted Post Ads: With a promoted post, you can increase the number of audience that your ad will reach depending on your budget. The results are even measurable because you can see how many of the people who viewed your ad came from organic search or from your paid ad. This will help you determine whether the money you spent on this ad campaign is worth it.

 “Page Like”

FB Page Like Ads

If you are after driving traffic to your Facebook page instead of an external website, then Facebook ads is the one you should consider using. With this type of Facebook ad, you can get existing and potential customers to like your page and improve its social status. The ad appears on the News Feed as well as the right-hand side of the screen, and the text is limited to 90 characters the most, so you will need to have a compelling message to attract people to like your page. Why Use Facebook Page Like Ads: When your Facebook page has more likes, the better reputation it has among Facebook users and online customers. As your likes increases, so will your trust factor, as well your chances of acquiring new customers since the friends of the people who liked your page will be able to see your ad.


FB Offer Ads

Facebook also allows you to create ads that promote any offer you may have on your online store. These may include discount coupons and other similar items. Offers in Facebook are generally free to create as a page post, but if you want more people to see your offer, you can turn it into a promoted post. Like others, it is composed of 90 characters so you have to ensure that you have an effective call to action in order to maximize its effect. Why Use Facebook Offers: Since most people are unable to resist discounts and offers, this type of ad can help improve your customer acquisition. Furthermore, it can help build customer loyalty for your online store.

 “Desktop/Mobile App Install Ads”

FB App Ads

If possible and you can afford it, you can create a desktop or mobile app for your online store which you can advertise on Facebook as App Install ad, where people can download the app to their desktop and mobile devices. There are many kinds of apps that you can create, the most popular ones being mobile games and informative apps likes recipes generator, news curators and more. Why Use Desktop/Mobile App Install Ad: Given the growing popularity of online shopping using mobile devices, you certainly cannot ignore having an app that complements your online store. The additional feature of star ratings will help to boost your apps image and reputation, and along with it your online store.

Facebook Remarketing

One of the biggest reasons why you should consider Facebook advertising is because of Facebook Reamrketing Pixel. With this feature, page owners should be able to locate and contact previous site visitors. Thus, they shoulld be able to conduct follow-up interviews and if permitted, may try to sell, cross-sell, or upsell their products. In addition, advertisers have the ability to customize the type of audience who can see their ads, therefore allowing them to target the exact audience that they want to reach.


As the power of social media grows, many online store owners understand fully well the need for advertising their online stores in Facebook. These advertisements are now part of many businesses marketing and advertising efforts, and bring a lot of benefits for them. However, you should carefully plan your Facebook ads in order to maximize their efficiency and give you the best returns for your investments.


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