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Email Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing for Your Ecommerce Store

Marketing is a key element for your ecommerce website. Unless you do a good marketing strategy, your ecommerce store will not be a well known brand in a short time. There are many marketing strategies and marketing platforms you can use for your online business. Today, email marketing and social media marketing (especially Facebook marketing) are the top platforms for ecommerce marketing. But there are cons and pros for each platform.

Social media is a huge network

Email marketing is an older solution than social media marketing. For several years, it has been used for customer acquisitions. Researches show that email outperforms social media for driving more customer to the online stores.

Social media is growing day by day. Today, almost every internet user have minimum one social media account which means it has a very big network. But most of the accounts are not commercial. The users are active on social media to share their likes, posts, photos and videos.

A like can be an expression of approval

A page like or following an account does not mean the user wants to be marketed to. Sometimes a like is just an expression of common interests. It also can be an expression of approval for your online store or products too. And also it is a low probability, the user may click on the like button unintentionally…

Social media is very huge and everyday there are thousands of posts being uploaded. That means you’re not guaranteed your posts will appear in the Facebook Newsfeed at all, or that it will be noticed in a mass of Tweets. It is also same for Instagram and Pinterest too. It will be very difficult to be noticed unless you have a very good social media manager who shares very interesting or informative posts.

Social updates have character limitation

Think about your self, your daily internet usage. Most probably you check your emails everyday, moreover frequently. That means other internet users would do the same too. If you send marketing emails with an interesting subject lines, they will be read in most cases.

Most of the social updates have character limitation. You have to use correct and limited words to share your campaign marketing details. With email marketing, you don’t have any limit. Also you can change design of your emails too. Customized and creative emails will have more impact on your customers.

Create segments of fans with email marketing

Although social networks have reporting tools which may be useful for you, you can not get segmented reports. Which means, it will be impossible to create segments of fans and followers so you can not different kinds of marketing messages to them.

You can also offer email sign up on your landing pages. That way, you will have your own customer database. But if you offer a Facebook Like button on your landing page, the customers will press it and like your brand page, but most probably they will not navigate to your Facebook landing page. It will be useful for only having more followers on Facebook.

On the other hand, email addresses may change. Most of the users have more then one email accounts. But it is very rare to change the social media account. This means, your marketing will reach to the customers and to their friends easily if you use social media marketing. Also users on social media like to share what they like. If they like your products or services, they will begin sharing the photos and descriptions of them. Some may write their own opinions and reviews about them. That will make a viral marketing for your online store.


Both marketing options have different values which may be useful for your ecommerce store in different ways. We recommend you to run both marketing options at the same time. By email marketing, you can make loyal customers and with the help of social media marketing, you can have new ones…

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