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Email Marketing: It is Still Alive and Doing Away with the Usual

Email has long been used and regarded as one of the best online marketing strategies that you could ever employ in your online business endeavors.  Although this strategy is “aged” already when compared to the newer ones available like social media marketing and the likes, it is still one of the most effective ways of reaching out to your potential and existing customers and generate new and repeat businesses for your online store.

Email Marketing is Not Dead

Yes, folks! Email marketing is still alive and kicking this 2014 (although not as strong as it used to – but it still does). How does this dinosaur of an online marketing strategy survive the onslaught of newer online marketing techniques? Well, email has a sort of appeal to many people, and almost a billion of people (including your customers) have at least one or two email accounts which they open and check every day – an astounding 91% of consumers use email daily according to Kyle Lacy from Exact Target. Sure a lot of people have emails, but what good will that do to your online store, you ask? Hmm, let’s see.
  • According to this post from Convince and Convert, consumers who are marketed through emails buy and spend 138% more on purchases compared than consumers who do not receive marketing emails.
  • This infographic shows that for every $1 that companies and marketers spend on email marketing, the average return on investment is $44.25 – that’s over a 1000% ROI.
  • Nielsen and Norman Group, in their study, found that 90% of consumers preferred to receive updates through email newsletters compared to 10% who opted for Facebook – email beats social media big time!
Need we say more?

But They Said…

Yes, it is true that email marketing is not as glamorous as it once was, but this does not mean that it is no longer effective. There are many reasons why email marketing seems to have taken a downturn in the years past, and this includes the following. First, social media is the new craze these days (much like email was back in its days). Social media has brought communication and “connectivity” to a whole new level, and many people flocked to this social media platforms and created accounts in them. Marketers and companies saw the rise in the population of social media sites, and turned their attention to marketing to these people, thereby pushing email aside. Another reason though, and far more concerning, is that email marketing (or email itself) has been abused by so many marketers recently, sending spam and promotions heedlessly to their subscribers, which then resulted to the word “spam” being attached to email – and nobody likes spam – it’s just never good for business. These two reasons alone are enough to scare away budding online entrepreneurs from using it in their online marketing campaigns, and unfairly so.

A Revolution in Email Marketing

Email marketing may have stepped aside from the limelight, but it has never left the stage. If it is to get back to its former glory, then a revolution needs to take place – a change which will do away with all the abuse and the misuse which email marketing has been put through in the past few years. One way of doing this is by making our email newsletters much more relevant to what our subscribers want and need. Email marketing has become so automated – so much so that online store owners and marketers just pile up the names of their subscribers into an email list and send a generic email to all of them, and more often than not, this does not provide any relevant information to their subscribers and does nothing to improve the relationship between the consumer and the business. Aside from creating relevancy, there are many other ways of properly using emails in your online marketing campaign, and you can find them in our previous posts: Impact of the Email Open Rates – Convince People to Read and Respond to Your Emails Email Marketing Mistakes – Don’t Let People Judge Your Ecommerce Store Badly 17 Email Marketing Tips for Ecommerce Sales Success Email marketing is undoubtedly still one of the most effective components of an effective online marketing campaign, provided you use it right of course. By sending relevant email newsletters to your subscribers, you are on your way to building better customer relationships and ensure more business for your online store well into the future.


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