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Ecommerce Website Management – 10 Quick Tips For E-retailers

Ecommerce sector is continuously gaining popularity and ecommerce entrepreneurs prefer building online stores instead of brick and mortar stores. But some newly built online businesses have difficulty to get successful due to the unmerciful ambient of this sector. Here you can find 10 important tips to optimize your website traffic, turn your visitors into customers and especially manage your ecommerce website professionally.

1. Build Customer Trust and Confidence

Whether your website is newly built or not, you have to create customer confidence on your website. New customers and visitors will surely be suspicious about your service and products in the beginning and it poses a threat on success of your store. I recommend you to monitor Google Analytics tool and figure out how long your customers stay on your site, how many of them complete checkout process etc.

2. Share Photos of Your Store and Storage

Placing photos and videos of your store and storage on your ecommerce website can create a positive effect on your potential customers. They can get a general impression about your company and feel confident while shopping.

3. Attach Importance to Your Website Design

First impression is always considerable and a website design creates the first impression on an ecommerce website. So you shouldn’t be ignorant about what kind of visual design you offer to your visitors. Do not attempt to design it on your taste; work with professional designers for this task.

4. Simplify Your Ecommerce Website

Simplicity makes an ecommerce website look smooth and reduce navigation confusion. Do not announce all of your campaigns and promotions at the same time and focus on only certain elements on the website. Assign different dates and periods to different campaigns to ensure evaluating the results separately.

5. Optimize Your Website for Search Engine Use

While defining your keywords, think like a visitor or user. Name your products, categories and labels in parallel with your target group. Create “unique content” for your website instead of copying/pasting from other websites.

6. Activate Virtual POS Usage

Many of customers abandon a website in checkout process for paying problems. That’s why you should activate virtual pos of various banks and provide an uninterrupted paying system for your customers.

7. Offer Alternative Payment Methods

Ecommerce websites offering various payment methods have the chance to satisfy all of their customers at the same time. Some shoppers prefer paying at the door, payment by money transfer instead of credit cards. Customers may prefer using the most secure payment system until you create customer confidence.

8. Make the Most Use of Email Marketing

Use email marketing effectively to inform your visitors and customer about your new products, campaigns, discounts etc. Send 1 or 2 information emails on weekly basis and try not to be persistent.

9. Offer gift cheques and product campaigns

Loyal customers always deserve gift cheques and special campaigns since they are backbones of an online store. Plan your campaigns in a straight way and send them via special formatted emails.

10. Follow Your Advertisements Feedback

Compare what you have spent for advertising with what you have earned in return. Remember that all advertisement channels bring varied amount of profit and trying each of them helps you to find the best channel for your online business.


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