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Easy Tips for Ecommerce Websites to Increase Their Online Traffic

After building a website for an ecommerce business, the next step is getting and increasing your website traffic. This is because a website without any traffic is useless and unprofitable. Right methods will help you to get quality traffic in a cost-effective way; however, wrong methods will cause you to pay too much for no quality website traffic. So take this issue seriously if you have a low budget. Firstly search and learn about the terms such as CPC (Cost Per Click), CPM (Cost per mille), CTR (Click-through rate) and CPA (Cost Per Action). You will need these terms while having conversation with a media seller. Many of advertisements (Google Adsense, Facebook etc.) are purchased through CPC and CPM. But I recommend you not to purchase advertisement through CPM. Media sellers will surely offer you CPM campaign by claiming it is the best way to increase brand awareness. But CMP campaigns are not plausible for beginner-level ecommerce entrepreneurs since they cost more than CPC in return for nothing. You should purchase CPC on strategic websites and evaluate how much traffic you get through these campaigns. Website traffic performance can be evaluated by calculating the cost per order in an ecommerce site. In subscription website businesses, the cost per subscriber you get indicates your website traffic performance. For example, I recommend you to take CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) as a base while setting forth the cost per order and subscriber in banner campaigns. Some of advertisers give up banner advertisements upon noticing of low performance in traffic. Quick decisions are not acceptable in ecommerce environment and cause loss of money. Always ensure that you have optimized your campaigns and choose the right advertisement system for your business. In other words, do not directly compare the money you earn with the money you spend for banner advertisements. You have to take all the process into consideration in a long-term period. Advertisement serves for you when you care about your target groups’ needs. For example, if you plan to sell women-focused products or services, do not try to advertise your store on football websites. The rule is thinking like a customer and behaving in the same way. At last, you will be the winner.


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