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E-commerce Tools To Grow Your Marketing Efforts

Starting an online business can be an extremely exciting time in one’s life. The thought of being one’s own boss is quite exhilarating. The first thing that an online business requires is the perfect website that can sell the products of a business.

There are so many tools available, nowadays, to make that perfect website that would be both user friendly and convenient for both the business proprietor and the consumers that no one should be without these tools ever. With the help of these tools anyone can get these following benefits:

  • The integrity of the business can be amplified
  • The marketing of the business can be multi-platform based
  • Customer support in the business can be enhanced
  • Reward programs can be established
  • Online orders can be fulfilled in an appropriate way
  • There are other benefits as well.

Here is some of the software that can help in the smooth running of a business so that the business is not in need of too much effort from the proprietors. Here they are:


This software basically deals with customer reviews by incrementing page ranking in the various search engines. After a customer has purchased a product, it becomes easier to send various emails to the customer so that new offers and promotions can be conveyed to her without much effort. Social media can also be used for more marketing.


There are various apps available in this software, which increases the functionality of the webpage and can be used to make emails more SEO friendly. Messages can also be enriched by establishing click-through aspects.


This software is a favorite with big businesses such as Amazon as there are API features that are great for ecommerce businesses. Klavio also helps with the communication with customers in every aspect as top customers can be sent special deals and regular customers can be communicated with after each individual sale.


Just as the name implies, if a devoted customer refers a friend to the business then that customer gets something in reward. The special apps in this software manage referrals without a lot of hassle. Problems such as fraud, added discounts on products that would expire soon, and other intricacies are dealt with by this program.


This software uses “smart-search” options so that the various search words that are used by different groups of people can be utilized thoroughly. Swiftype is ideal for mobile users for various apps.


This software is specially designed to create a Helpdesk for the business so that any kind of queries and issues from the customers can be addressed instantaneously. It is extremely mobile friendly as well.


This software generally targets the social media networks and measures the amount of responses from the target group so as to make better informed decisions about the marketing campaigning. Target groups are inspired to join in social rewards and other activities.


Storing inventory is always an expensive part of business. Shipwire makes it easy for ecommerce businesses to store and ship products worldwide, making it cheaper for businesses.

Success in ecommerce businesses can be attributed to a variety of factors but it is eminent that having a website that is both users friendly and cost effective makes it easier for a business to flourish. The software that I have mentioned above has been specially designed for the specific needs of ecommerce businesses. This software takes care of so many details in an ecommerce business that the proprietor hardly has to worry about the intricacies of a business. Every ecommerce business should utilize this software.


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