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Shopio Multiple Currency Support Released.

Happy Friday everyone. We’re excited to announce that we’ve added multiple currency support feature to our themes, All of our responsive themes have this feature today. You can visit Shopio Theme Store to use our themes with multiple currency support.

How to use the multiple currency support?

It’s very Easy. Just follow the steps to have this feature.

1. Find a theme for your Shopio ecommerce website

We’ve updated all of our tempalates in our theme store. Just pick a theme for your online store and install it to your online store. Shopio Theme Store Sample Theme

2. Customize your currency settings

All you need to do is choosing the currencies which you like to show your customers. Shopio Currency Converter will automaticly convert currencies to show your visitors in your store. Shopio Multi Currency Support

Enjoy your weekend and happy sales! Shopio Team


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