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E-commerce Keyword Research: How to Find the Right Keywords for Your E-commerce Site

Organic traffic which is provided by search engines is the most important source to have the most valuable visitors. The visitor is actively searching for the product he would like to purchase, and so the possibility of purchasing is so high. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important tools of ecommerce sites to get organic traffic. But the first rule to perform SEO correctly is to choose the most suitable words. It’s not easy to decide which keywords you should use for SEO and for advertising campaigns. Moreover a keyword which you think effective may not be suitable for you because of high competition. Here we share the tips to help you choosing the correct keyword for you.

Right keyword = Qualified traffic

First of all what is qualified traffic? It means drawing traffic of the target audience of your ecommerce site. Right keyword selection not only helps you draw traffic to your site but also it helps to draw qualified traffic. For example, you sell only products for kitchen but you draw traffic for the search results of the products that you don’t sell. Although it draws traffic to your site, you will not be able to earn because you don’t sell those products the customers search for. The matter is to draw traffic that you will be able to convert to sale.

Create the first list by brainstorm

To find the right keyword, you should create a list of the words that can be the right keyword. You can add all of the keywords relating to your ecommerce site to a list.

Get the keyword suggestions

To get these suggestions you don’t need anyone, free tools on the internet may be useful. For example, Google Search Trends tool would help you to sort the terms relating to your search.

Refer to the search rates

Google Adwords Keyword Tool, another free tool, would give an idea about the rate of the keywords. You can review the keywords with high competition. Enter the keywords with groups to the Keyword Tool and review the search rates. You can also search for local results.

Search for the keyword competition

You can get the competition results using the same tool. This competition means the interest of the advertisers for the related keyword. In terms of search engine optimization, if a keyword is searched a lot but the competition is low, the advertisers may think that this keyword has a large expression or they may think advertisements for this keyword don’t convert to sale.


Do not miss that this may be different for your site. A keyword which others are not able to sell may be suitable for you. So it should be good to compile all of the words relating to your site in another list, starting with the keywords with high search results. Create your list analyzing the tips of the advertisers about converting the competition rate to the sale. You shouldn’t forget that search engine optimization is not a transaction that you can perform only for a time and it should be updated regularly. New trends and products may affect your keywords and you should maintain your works to determine most useful keywords. We can easily say that the most suitable ecommerce infrastructure for search engine optimization is Shopio. create your online store in seconds and and you can start to draw traffic to your website. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to set up a Shopio store and start selling online.


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