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Don’t Give Up the Fight! – There’s a Science to Craft Shareable Social Media Posts [Infographic]

You find precious words many times. (At least you believe that) You know they’ve got to be right to attract the audience you want. That gives you a full confidence and you prepare your post based on that magical words. Time to publish. What? How could it be possible ? There are no comments, no shares. Even one single retweet? It’s enough to wipe out your motivation to keep writing. Don’t give up the fight! Actually, the solution may be a lot easier than you expect but there are still existing solutions. Did you know there’s actually a science to crafting shareable content? At least there’s a science to crafting the headlines – including Facebook posts and tweets – that will motivate your readers to share and tweet your content. Blog posts headlines containing the words hacks, surprising and history are most likely to be shared. Twitter tweets containing Please Retweet/RT, check it out, social media and new blog post are most likely to be re-tweeted. A highly shareable and viral Facebook posts does at least one of the following words: Gives, amazes, amazes and inspire. For more, here are 34 magical words (launched by Socially Stacked) you should use in your blog post headlines, Tweets and Facebook posts to motivate your followers to like and share your content. Thanks to them for this lovely work!

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Get Your Posts Shared! - The Science Behind Shareable Social Media Posts


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