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Differentiate Your Online Store With Google Rich Snippets

There are various methods to increase the organic traffic of your ecommerce site, coming from search engines. One of them is Rich Snippets of Google. It helps your ecommerce site to take place on the top in the search results being well away from the competitors. Rich Snippets give chance to catch special information on your ecommerce site and to show them as a result in the search results. Why Rich Snippets are so important, what are the advantages and how can you use it? To differentiate your online store with google rich snippets you should read this article.

What are Google Rich Snippets?

Rich snippets are designed to summarize the content of a product or page in Google search results. Basicly Google rich snippets show extra information about your product like product photos, ratings, author information, and more. For example, if you were doing a search for “Nikon D320” which of these listings when you rather click on? See the search results below. Shoipo Google rich snippets examples

Why are the Google Rich Snippets so important?

Your page is displayed besides site title and description at the search results; it is also presented with product price, stock details and the values with stars. This makes your potential customers to see all of the basic details on the search page. And this will distinguish you from other sites which sell the same product and make them prefer you.

The benefits of Google Rich Snippets

It’s possible to say that Rich Snippets has three basic benefits. The first one is that will help you to take a place at the top of the page because you present more qualified contents. So it means driving organic traffic to your site. The second one: Rich Snippets help you to increase your click rate because it will present basic information your potential customers need at a glance. The customer would prefer your site without any need of searching other sites because they view the price and value at a glance. The third one: You would answer the questions of the customers at the search page and this will increase the conversion rate of the customers. Do not forget that Google Rich Snippets is not the unique method for ecommerce sites to increase the conversion rate.

How can I use Google Rich Snippets?

There is a technical and detailed help page of Google. You can click here to check your online store and products looks like. If you want you can review all of the features of our packets and you can start your ecommerce business with a reliable ecommerce platform.


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