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Customer Service Strategies for Ecommerce Businesses

Customer interaction was easy in brick and mortar stores, and the feedback was mostly instantaneous. But as more businesses go online, we notice a clear lack of guidance about customer service for ecommerce businesses. The customer expects businesses to value them for far more than the financial benefits they are providing. They expect more than ever from online stores in terms of superior customer service. And those who don’t find what they are looking for have plenty of other online stores to explore; and what if a competitor knows just how to engage them? They are gone forever! How can you ensure that your customers remain happy and satisfied with your services?

1. Maintain a Simple, Effective Website

The online store is an important part of the customer experience, and often enough, it is also the first introduction to you and your business for the customer. So make sure that they have an awesome time browsing through your store. Your online store should be mobile-friendly, provide free shipping deals, promise timely deliveries and have the contact information displayed prominently throughout the site, in case customers have comments or queries. In fact, it is a good idea to have a live help desk for your ecommerce business so your prospective customers can ask away any questions as soon as they arise.

2. Send Emails to Remind Them of Latest Promotions

It’s isn’t enough to just be customer-friendly when they arrive on your e-store. Successful online businesses go out of their way to entice customers to come back and shop. Create personalized emails to send to your clients, based on their shopping habits and browsing preferences. In all likelihood, you will get their names and email addresses once they place an order. Why not use this information every few weeks to send messages that invite them to try a new product. Just don’t overdo it—no one appreciates spam!

3. Ensure A Quick and Effective Reply to Their Calls and Messages

Calling them back a week later beats the whole purpose customer service! So no matter how busy your online store is, it is important to put in a system that replies to customer calls and emails within a 24 hour period. A telephone call gives customers the assurance that the store is responsible enough to receive the queries and get something done about them. Calls are also better than emails for explaining policies and procedures to them. Live help desk and chat support, on the other hand, is the best way to address the small immediate concerns of customers who need quick assistance.

4. Use the power of Social Media to Your Advantage

Customers usually always discuss their shopping experiences, specially the bad ones, on Twitter and Facebook. These may not be direct interventions with the online store, but online reviews can definitely affect a company’s reputation, image and credibility. Create a powerful social media presence for your business, reply to the comments and questions on time, address their concerns or negative views and thank customers who provide a positive feedback, all of it quickly and efficiently.

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