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Conversion Rate Optimization: Why Is It Necessary for the Success of Your Ecommerce Website

  • Are you experiencing a lack of traffic on your website lately?
  • Are you worried that the rate at which customers buy your products is too low?
  • Has it been too long since you last revamped your ecommerce website?
  • If the answer to any of the above is yes, then you need to opt for Conversion Rate Optimization.

    What Do We Mean By a Conversion?

    A conversion is any action taken by a visitor on your website that turns them into your customer. This “action” could be a:
      • Purchase • Signup • Download • Referral to a friend • Phone call • .. and more

    What Are the Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimization?

    ➢ Improved rankings enable you to generate more money from an increasing number of leads ➢ Likeability among your clientele and preference over your competitors ➢ Profitability which will enable you to expand and reach out to more prospects via different media ➢ An appealing and regularly visited website for the customers, i.e. better SEO rankings

    How to Optimize Your Website’s Conversion Rate?

    Below is a step-by-step guide as to how you can optimize your website’s conversion rate:

      Identify the Issues That Tick Off Your Visitors

      Have you ever read customer reviews about your site? There might be a few aspects that would actually be stopping your customers from signing up on your site or purchasing your products. The first step is to identify them.

      Take a Look at Your Competitors’ Websites

      Perhaps, one of your competitors is doing it right? Hover over to your competitors’ websites and see how they’re going about proceedings to figure out what you might be doing wrong.

      Analyze the Data You’ve Gathered

      By now you might have a substantial amount of data. What do you do with it? Analyze it and find out what’s wrong, what needs to be fixed, and what should be completely removed from your website!

      Out with the Old, In with the New!

      Now comes the testing phase. Make one tweak after another, but leave considerable pauses in between. Waiting for a few days or weeks and observing if any change brings about a massive change in conversions would help you identify which change was critical, and whether or not it can be further optimized. A/B testing will assist you significantly in this regard.
        Things to Keep in Mind Regarding A/B Testing Tip #1: Create a plan. Tip #2: Pinpoint the areas that need to be tested. Tip #3: Keep your focus and maintain consistency. Tip #4: Know when to stop.
    Did everything go according to plan? Sounds like a job well done! But wait, the key here is to keep at it. As they say: there is always room for improvement. All you have to do is keep finding that room and keep making adjustments. Best of luck!


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