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[Infographic] Conversion Killers! Is Your E-commerce Store Losing You Money?

When you’ve done the hard work to drive visitors to your website and helped them find the items that they want, the last thing you want to do is lose them at the last hurdle – the checkout. Yet this final piece of the puzzle is a big problem for many websites. There will always be people who are ‘just browsing’ and some who want to save items in a cart for later, but The Baymard Institute found on average a whopping 67.89% of shopping carts are abandoned! With over £1 billion of online transactions being lost a year in the UK, retailers are desperately seeking answers to cart abandonment and ways to improve conversion rates. A great deal of research has been undertaken to look into some of the biggest factors affecting conversions and CWCS has summarised some of the most interesting findings in this infographic. Some of the key issues, Conversion Killers, are Unexpected Costs (hidden high shipping costs, handling costs and credit card usage charges), Security (especially for card details), Speed (slow checkout process, heavy going web pages, etc.) and Customer Reviews.

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Conversion Killers! Your E-commerce Store may be Causing You Money
Source: Is your Website Losing You Money? These Conversion Killers could be to blame.


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