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Considerations for Offering Coupons in Your Ecommerce Business

Offering coupons to your customers is one of the best ways to grow the profits of your ecommerce business or online store. There are many different kinds of online store coupons which you can offer, and all of these have their own advantages over the other. However, there are simple guiding principles when it comes to creating and implementing such offer that covers them all. Below you’ll find the basic considerations that you need to make when offering coupons in your ecommerce business.

Make It Simple

Avoid making your online store coupons complex and difficult. This will only deter potential customers and will do more harm than good to your ecommerce business. When creating discount coupons and coupon codes, you must make sure that it is easily understandable, easily read, and easily remembered. Try to keep your coupon codes short and don’t make it case sensitive. For example, a coupon code that goes SAVE10NOW is much easier to remember and enter than 10PercentDiscountTodayOnly.

Make It Appealing

Being simple doesn’t mean that you can’t create stunning and appealing online store coupons. In fact, the design, colours, the words that you use and of course the image of the item can entice online shoppers to click and avail of your online store coupons. A common practice is enlarging the discounted amount or percentage and posting an image right next to it. If it works for most, why shouldn’t it work for you?

Have a Dedicated Landing Page

Having a dedicated landing page for all your discounted items or all items covered by your online store coupons can be very beneficial to your customers, as it keeps them from having to browse through all your products in search of discounted or promo items. Of course, it goes without saying that the improved customer experience (in terms of navigation) will have an effect on how well these online shoppers are converted to paying customers. In your landing page, be sure to specify the details of your online store coupons campaign, what items are covered, clear instructions about how the offer can be redeemed, and the “rules” governing the use of the coupon codes.

Don’t Forget to Promote It

This sounds much like common sense, but it wouldn’t hurt to be reminded of it sometimes. After you’re done working on the details of your online store coupons, you need to start letting people know about them and your coupon campaign. You can do this through your social media accounts, your blogs, and of course, your ecommerce website. You can also send out emails to your email list with a link to the landing page.

Don’t Sell Yourself Cheap

One of the biggest worries of ecommerce businesses that offer online store coupons is how it affects their reputation and profits. Sometimes, when you offer discount coupons, some online shoppers will immediately think of your ecommerce business and products as cheap – with a negative connotation at that. Giving a discount of 50% can make online shoppers think “Wow! That’s a lot of discount… I wonder why?” Thus, be sure to be clear about your pricing strategy and discount pricing strategy. Give an offer that is attractive but does not reflect badly on your ecommerce business.

Give It to a Select Few

If you keep offering discount coupons for every person who visits your ecommerce website, you’re going to end up with a lot of potential profit loss. Thus, be sure to limit the number of online store coupons that you are offering. This is especially true for new ecommerce businesses that do not have a large customer base yet. Alternatively, you can offer your online store coupons only to a particular group of online shoppers, like first time customers (as an encouragement) or your loyal customers (as a reward). This will also give your online store coupons a sense of exclusivity, and thus help to avoid making your business look cheap. Online store coupons are becoming very popular nowadays, especially so that so many online shoppers are always looking for ways to cut on their expenses and purchases. However, be sure to keep these simple considerations in mind in order to get the many benefits of online store coupons. Appealing designs with compelling call-to-actions and irresistible offers are the necessities of any effective online store coupons campaign, couple these with strategic planning and implementation, and you’ve got yourself a winning deal for both your ecommerce business and your customers.


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