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5 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes That Ecommerce Businesses Make

Social media has entered into our daily lives in recent years. Billions of people contact with each other and with brands using social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. This great potential become a marketing channel also for brands. But social media is inherently very different channel from a traditional marketing. Old habits do not work in social media marketing but cause negative results. A lot of companies worldwide learned this sadly. We brought together frequently repeated mistakes that ecommerce sites made in social media. Here are 5 mistakes which companies make on social media and the ways to avoid them.

1- Consistently talking about yourself:

First of all you need to start with the idea that social media is a platform where people chat among themselves not as a marketing platform. We can imagine that the people who always and only talk about themselves become boring to the others. It is the same also in social media. Continuously talking about your products and yourself, will annoy your followers. Generally it would be good to keep your shares about you and your products as 20% of all your shares.

2- Being a bad listener:

Let’s return to the example of chat between friends. When you talk but the listener doesn’t listen, you will probably not want to continue this dialogue. The users use the social media to share their opinions and they want somebody who listens to them. You can create a difference by following the questions and comments about your company, brand and products and answering them properly.

3- Speaking style:

Every conversation may not go on as you wish. Do not forget that there would be happy customers but also there would be frustrated customers who may have complaints about your products or your services. Even if the complaints are hard, you need to keep calm and focus on the matter not on the words. The important point is not that how the customer express his feelings, but to solve the problem. Try to provide the best solution to them without departing from the matter.

4- Misspelling:

Today, facing with misspelling of the social media accounts of big brands both sad and a big problem. The mistakes made in conclusion of a momentary inattention can affect the level of the trust of the customer.

5- Not having a social media strategy:

Most of the companies exist in social media because they think that having an account in social media is a good step. If you aim to have a profit on social media, the first thing you need to do is building some basic details. What will you share, how often will you share, how will you answer to which kind of questions, what are the objectives you intend to achive, who will manage the accounts? Answering these questions may help you to basically create a social media strategy. We would like to remind you the quote “if a ship doesn’t know where to go, no wind can help it”. Better keep that in mind, your social strategy isn’t an another advertising tool, it’s a new way to learn about your customers and contact with them easily. Seriously pay attention to what customers are thinking, they may have an insight you’re missing.


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