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How to Act After Launching Your Online Store: Common Mistakes to Avoid in Ecommerce Business

There are lots of different measures that cause success or fail of an ecommerce website. Even if all issued successfull analysis and preworks before launching your online store, there could be something you don’t notice. We collected most common ecommerce mistakes that can cause you to lose customer.

Insufficient shipping cost details

The customers, who shop online, want to know exactly how much will it cost to them. It’s necessary to add shipping cost to shopping cart cost before completing the shop. Indefinite shipping cost can cause the decision of the customer in a negative way. On the other side, researches show that the customers who learn shipping cost during the shopping are more satisfied than the customers who learn the shopping cost during delivery.

Not Launching an Ecommerce Blog

Creating customer loyalty in ecommerce is an important issue for continuity of shopping. One of the indispensable measure to create a Brand Awareness and Customer Trust for your Ecommerce Store is increasing your Repeated Orders. The prior function of an ecommerce website is shopping but site blogs help to create a loyalty with the customer by making them visit the site even if they won’t buy anything. Having another contact except product webpages makes the customer feel better. Besides that your blog can help you to announce the special campaigns. Related Post: Believe It or Not! Your Ecommerce Blog Can Boost Your Sales

Ineffective Customer Relations

One of the most important customer habit is the increasing value of the customer services. It’s not a chance that the most successful companies are those who care most about customer services. The customer wants to get the enough help in a short time and they want the customer services to solve their problems. The sensitivity of the company has a determining role in this kind of issues.

Insufficient Product Features

The customer may wish to know all of the details about the product before decide to purchase or may care about different features. So that it’s very important the descriptions of the product and it can be useful to give a lot of details. Related Post: How to Write Product Descriptions that Engage and Convert Online Shoppers

Small-sized Images for the Products

The most important page is the product page in which the customer decides to purchase a product by reviewing it. The image of the product has the importance at least product features. If the size of the image is too small, it will be very difficult to create a wish to purchase the product. Furthermore small images of the product will cause the customer to imagine the product and will cause to decide them to send it back.

Asking for Unnecessary Informations from Customers

It may be necessary to know the customer and to serve better. But requiring details by asking a lot of unnecessary questions may cause the customer to leave your site without signing up. So it will be better to ask only basic data without any unnecessary details in the sign up form.

Lack of Contact Information

To being reached easily is an important point to trust your website. It should be better the customer to contact you rather than making bad ads to their acquaintance. So that it will be effective to provide various methods to contact you except contact form.

Not providing return policy information

Shopping on the internet causes the necessity of a return policy. Knowing that the customer will have the chance to return the product after it arrives them makes them decide easier. Providing the return policy in an easy to find place and the same page with the product will be a good choice to create the customer trust. Related Post: How to Write an Effective E-commerce Return Policy


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