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Can E-mail Newsletters Increase Your Online Sales ?

Newsletter is an important marketing method with its low cost and high effect for ecommerce sites. You can connect with your customers and increase your sales reviewing our site. But how useful will be newsletter, will be directly proportional with your newsletter marketing success. It may not be your professional field but there are a lot of different methods to follow thanks to newsletter. Fortunately you don’t have to learn all of them by trial and error. It’s our business to simplify your business, and we share 5 tips which help you in increasing your sales with newsletter.

1 – The early bird catches the worm:

According to the researches, e-mails are read in early times in the morning. So sending your newsletter in early morning will increase the rates of opening and reading your newsletters. For example you can send your newsletters from 7 to 8.

2 – Less is more:

Newsletter should not be composed of long texts. Place the topics, articles and summaries into the newsletter and give a link to show more. So you will have chance not to bore the users and you will chance to increase the traffic to your site.

3 – Socialize newsletter:

As we stated before qualified content is important. Give chance to your users to share this qualified content which you present them in the newsletter. So they will be able to inform their acquaintances about these contents and campaigns in the newsletter.

4 – Be careful about the frequency of the posts:

You may wish to send posts to your customers to make them remind yourself. But there is the risk of two significant problems. First one is to bore customers and cause them to cancel their membership. Second one is having difficulty in finding qualified content. It’s better not to send more than one content in a week, and most of the time sending once in two weeks or once in a month.

5 – Listen to the users and encourage them to talk:

You can change the style of your newsletter as a structure that the users can form also. Ask them how a content they wish to see in the newsletter, take into account their offers. Invite them to ask you questions. Then publish their questions on the next newsletter, getting permission. You can increase the importance of newssletter by giving place to their contents if they are suitable for the newsletter.


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