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By the Power of #Hashtags! Increase Your Online Sales with Social Hashtags

It is very useful to follow the current developments and trends to be successful in social media marketing of your ecommerce website. One of the big trend is usage of hashtag. Hashtag is used to define a word or phrase, in other words, to tag a text in social media shares. This method, we get familiar with Twitter, is widely used also in a lot of social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram. Moreover, hashtag is also very important for the companies that use social media with the intention of marketing. You can reach more people, and increase your followers and you can increase interaction rates using the correct hashtag in social media. On the other hand, using hashtag in an incorrect way can damage your social media market. Twitter explained that hashtags have increased retweet rates about 16%, conversely incorrect usage of hashtags decrease retweets about %17.

How to use #hashtags?

1. Brainstorm hashtags for your brand

The contents you share in social media represent your company so you need to share appropriate contents for your company image. On the same point of view using proper, interesting, easy to remember hashtags would be useful.

2. Shorter is better

It is very important to be short and to be in the correct point. The impression of the hashtags increase if they are used by the other users. Memorability of the long frases and rate of the reclamation by the other users is not so high. So if you choose a long hashtag you may not draw attention among others. If all the contents is created only with hashtags or if they are used in unnecessary places, it can cause unreliability.

3. Number of hashtags

Survey results show that readers do not prefer a lot of hashtags in sharings. It is also indicated that using more than 3 hashtag in sharings has not any effect. Because of this reason it is important to use only a few hashtags.

4. Entertaining hashtags

If your choises are too serious and personal you may not get interaction. You address to a wide and varied audience. Choosing jests, tasteful and entertaining tags in social media both, will increase the rate of sharing your post, and will leave a good impression on your potential customer.

5. Hashtag for your organization

Using hashtag in a visual post of an organization which you organized or an important workshop you attended can be useful. To collect all the posts of press and of the other participants you can use a hashtag and this may support your ecommerce website image. Reviewing the tips we shared about hashtag, you can increase your ecommerce website traffic using social media in a correct way. Finally I want to share the most used hashtags for retailers and sales. Don’t forget that all hashtags are best used in combination, spread across tweets and are a tool that can be used to support each other. What you won’t reach through one hashtag, you’ll open a path to with one of its alternatives. Enjoy! #sale – 10,000 tweets per day average #deal – 9,700 tweets per day average #offer – 550 tweets per day average #discount – 4,400 tweets per day average #bargain – 2,500 tweets per day average #save – 3,200 tweets per day average #coupon – 4,900 tweets per day average #promo – 10,400 tweets per day average #shopping – 14,600 tweets per day average


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